Top 10 Best Novels in India
Before technology dominated the world, and before children stuck their eyes to the tv, the only entertainment that people shared and probably still do, is the habit of reading books. Apart from technological or academic-related books, novels are quite prominent in young adults. Ignoring the steamy romance novels, there are books that actually have been… (0 comment)

Top 10 Oldest Speaking Languages in The World
Language is an integral property of Humans. We are the only living beings on earth that possess the language to communicate. Our forefathers or biologically talking man worked hard in the creation of such signs and languages. In different parts of the world cave drawings, scriptures were found depicting the historical importance of these signs.… (0 comment)

Universities ranking depend upon its academic structure. Education has an important role in our life. Hence the best universities have to focus on these requirements to make their position on top. Attractive campus with all necessary facilities and other extracurricular benefits are required to make it best among various universities. It is important that university… (0 comment)