Role of digital learning in education system

With the advent of digital education, formal education is transformed and new informal learning opportunities have come into existence. Among these the most popular platform is digital learning. Now educators have more options to teach and students have more resources to learn from. Our education systems have grown in complexity with so many boards and methodologies in teaching to choose from.

Let’s have a look on the role of digital learning in education system.

Personalized learning experience for students: Digital learning allows every child to learn at their own pace depending on the learners own passion, strengths, needs and values. One on one tutoring is a good example of personalized learning, but it is expensive. The shift to digital library can approximate the benefits of tutoring while freeing up time for teachers to address individual and small group needs.

Digital learning gives opportunity to customize learning sequences for each student to make education more productive. For our differently abled people special needs will be more quickly diagnosed, learning gaps will be addressed, and progress will be accelerated.

Digital learning allows ever growing learning opportunities

There are options of full time and part time learning online and that too in various languages which has opened many gates for students of all age groups .Even working professionals are finding online courses very useful to fit into their busy schedule. Today students have access to very good courses by esteemed professors from world class universities in the world. Digital education involves students completely so engagement is very high.

The digital games are very good at engaging, and helping children to learn faster. Also these games require them to use analytical skills, motor skills and other cognitive skills with added entertainment value. These games are age appropriates and learning outcomes are very good. The customization increases productivity and good student involvement increases concentration level among students.

Teachers favourite tool

  • The digital learning platform is very useful for teachers. The individual progress of students can be monitored
  • Along with that options of Dynamic grouping, workshops, and project-based learning can add to the collaborative learning experience for students. This can help teachers to coordinate with students better.
  • Also parents can access the feedback report and know more about the need of their child.

Entertainment with value: Digital learning offers options like assessment games, simulations that helps students to track their own progress. They can get full value of their time spent as they are getting entertainment and knowledge.

Scale Up: Digital content like presentation, publications, and portfolios which are regularly updated helps professionals personalize the course which they are willing to undertake for climbing up the professional ladder.. This may help them during appraisals as well. The need to up skill to achieve higher goals have made digital learning more relevant in today’s time. Also there is constant up -gradation in technology so students have to constantly diversify their skill set. Digital online learning tools helps them achieve this objective.

Environment friendly: For continuous up gradation in content, physical books requires reprinting. Whereas this cost of reprinting and time taken can be saved if we use digital technology.

Easy to install: .Digital content is very easy to install and user friendly .Students can access it anytime anywhere.

And much more……

Students have access to so many sites, services, programs, teaching tools and technologies which can be used for research purpose. All this is available in the click of button. This helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of students. The digital learning tools sharpen the critical thinking skills and enhance analytical development. There are quizzes, simulations, and assessments which can help children to test their knowledge.

Gamification: Role of technology in Education System have edge over traditional methods of learning. Gamification is a very interesting feature in digital libraries. It involves interactive learning, promotes cooperation and teamwork .These interactive games teaches discipline, and these are rewarding. This teaches children patience, as well. These games can be played in groups and help in inculcating camaraderie among children.

Self – Motivation: Digital Learning keeps student self- motivated and accountable for themselves. It is more interesting than class room lectures especially when there are more students in a class. Since there is no faculty to look after the student. . In such cases digital online e learning can help.

Up to date knowledge:

The novelty of material keeps students bonded.

  • Since the material is updated by team of experts students can be left assured that they are not using outdated piece of knowledge.
  • Digital Learning tools involve educators and parents. Information sharing has become more common and easy due to digital technology. Now students sitting in one part of world can learn from teachers sitting in different region. This is made possible due to online education.
  • During this time of unsure employment, employability of youth has become very important concerns. Digital technology empowers student to learn on their own and employ themselves. There are various skills like public speaking, communication skills which can be learnt online .Also you can get certificates once you finish the course.
  • Digital learning has a huge influence in educational ecosystem. It has enormous potential to give way to new opportunities
  • Digital learning has made education accessible to all .It is effective and easy to learn and share .In a developing country like India students with financial problems, geographical constraints or physical disabilities may find e learning as feasible option. But it has its own limitation when it comes to implementation in education system.
  • For people who are staying in remote places where internet connectivity is an issue, E-learning can be a challenge. Especially people who are under privileged and have almost no access to modern technology may find it hard to avail advantages of e learning.


The advantages of digital learning are numerous. If we can ignore the limitations involved we can get benefitted by the rewards that comes along while using this technology in our day to day life.

Today Digital learning has a huge influence in educational ecosystem. It has enormous potential to give way to new opportunities. Let’s educate each other with the use of this most beautiful tool of modern learning and make ourselves rise and shine.

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