How To Increase Your Chances Of Finding Jobs

Are you wondering about your low increment hikes irrespective of your contribution to the company’s growth? There is something that you are missing out on when it comes to expecting much better hikes than your peers. What‘s that? Today, we unfold the secret that can help you grab up to 20 % hike and better job prospects. Neither we are talking about burning the midnight oil tonight nor do we endorse the culture of working late at home; amp up your grammatical skills to find some of the best jobs in Sharjah. Yes, you’ve heard it right!

Just by ensuring that your commas and apostrophes are hitting the right spot, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. In this rapidly changing job market, your polished grammar skills, be it written, or verbal can dramatically boost your earning potential. In the GCC region, Arabic is considered as the main language but English is the business language that is recognized the world over. So, if you want to boost your career prospects, upgrade your lingual proficiency.  Finding jobs in Sharjah isn’t a difficult task but getting promoted might be an arduous task if you don’t have the edge over your peers.

Recruitment professionals are of the opinion that gaining multilingual prowess can help a candidate climb the success ladder in quite a short time. Experts also believe that possessing good communication skills and a strong sense of grammar usage can work perfectly well in conjunction with your technical skills. This powerful combination will give a much-needed boost to your career if settling for jobs in Sharjah is your utmost priority. Furthermore, an interesting research finding concludes that having comprehensive grammar skills can not only add impetus to the career prospects but also contributes to a (10-20 %) rise in the existing salary of any candidate.

The earning potential may be substantially greater for roles that entail extensive usage of accurate grammar skills. The salary hikes can even be greater than already mentioned 20% if the job also involves strong writing skills such as in the case of public relations expert, marketing communication specialists, or technical writers. After all, who would want to spend his/her precious time in restructuring and proofreading an employee’s email? Time is valuable in the world of business and no one wants to hire an employee that proudly bridges the gap between its and it’s. Isn’t it? That is why having good grammar becomes essential for finding some of the most sought-after jobs in Sharjah.

It comes as no surprise that employers would not find it convincing to hire a candidate with poor grammar skills and even if he/she has been hired for some other good reasons, chances are high that they will feel left alone during promotions/increments in the course of time. Nowadays, grammar is becoming deciding factor for most employees working around the globe and the Gulf region is no exception. Moreover, you can find that psychometric tests that help determine a candidate’s bent of mind are integrated with lots of grammar questions, as the need is quite evident.  Undoubtedly, job seekers who are planning to find jobs in Sharjah can take note of this essential skill.

Conclusion– With that being said, not all jobs put grave emphasis on alien languages. Many jobs do not require a person to be a linguistic expert as there are a variety of other factors that come into play. In these cases, the employer is definitely not looking for the person’s Anglocentric approach. However, there are various companies that fail to consider the nuisances of using weak or bad English in their day-to-day business operations, which is why it’s imperative that companies should hire a team of talented editors who are grammar Nazis for sure.

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