Are you planning to pursue your Master’s degree abroad? When it comes to an MS degree, the US and the UK are usually the top options that students consider. But, are you torn between the two and unable to decide which one to go for? Well, don’t worry because we have got you covered.

UK and US are both exceptional destinations to do your Master’s degree. One is the land of the queen while the other is from where we get some extraordinary Hollywood dose. One has its citizens drinking tea while the other sees people grabbing iced tea or coffee. UK has some of the best business-related courses while the US is a hub for technology. The former has the famous red buses while the latter has yellow taxis.

We can go on and on with what each of the countries is known for. However, one common factor that makes them great places to study are the universities and the excellent facilities made available to the students pursuing an MS. With this, we point out what the differences are in doing an MS in the US and an MS in the UK.

It can be quite a confusing choice for MS aspirants to decide which country to choose- the US or the UK. While both of them are excellent destinations to study abroad, the education systems of both have some slight differences.

Let us take a look at how MS in the US and MS in the UK are different and how you can decide what’s best for you:

1. Time duration

The most significant difference in the Master’s courses in both countries is the time duration of the course. While the Master’s degree in the UK is usually for one year, the same is offered in the US for a period of two years. But, the curriculum remains almost the same. However, since the degree in the UK is for one year, it can be considered as non-terminal and the student might be expected to pursue a PhD. In the US, a student is not expected to pursue a PhD.

2. Type of studying

The UK typically has more taught based degrees. The agenda of the degree is to make students gain practical knowledge and learn more things. Students are allowed to explore new things. This makes them industry-ready. In the US, a lot of focus is given to research work. If you are someone who is interested in developing new things and finding solutions to certain existing problems, the US is the right place for you. You get a chance to actually work out, make, build and create something that has never been done before!

3. Specialization

The UK offers more options to specialize in a field of the student’s interest. A student can choose what he wants to do and the UK enables him/ her to do so. On the other hand, in the US, the courses are more generalized. Students are given knowledge in a wide variety of subjects related to that course. Hence, specialization is an important aspect to consider while deciding which country to choose for an MS.

4. Eligibility

Eligibility is one of the other most important factors to consider while choosing a study abroad destination. Most courses in the UK allow students with 15 (10+2+3 years of graduation) years of formal education to apply. Therefore, it becomes easier to apply in the UK for Indian students. However, US compulsorily requires 16 years of formal education before applying for an MS degree, making it easier for engineering students to apply. So, for those who have had 3 years of graduation, the UK is a good option to consider for an MS degree.

5. Working + studying

The UK allows students to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week. Students can work either on-campus or even off-campus. Whereas, working in the US is a little more rigid. Although students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week, it is compulsory for them to do so on-campus only. Students in the US are not allowed to work off-campus. They can assist professors in research work or teach undergraduate students.

6. Choice of subjects

Both countries are equally competitive in offering courses. However, in terms of subject selection, USA offers more flexibility. Most colleges and universities allow students to choose modules from a vast variety of options. The UK has a lot of fixed modules so that the course completion in a year’s time can become easier. Subject selection becomes a little restrictive. Consider this very carefully as subject selection can play an important role in your MS.

7. Cost of course

Talking about expenses, both countries are quite expensive. The average tuition fee for a year for an MS can range from ₹10,00,000 to ₹25,00,000 per year with highly reputed institutions being on the higher extreme of the range. In this case, the US turns out to be more expensive because of the duration of the course. From an expense point of view, both these countries aren’t very different.

8. Home to renowned institutions

The USA is home to Ivy League colleges and other universities that come in the top 10 university rankings of the world. They include Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Yale, California Institute of Technology, and many more. The UK has its equal share of reputed institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, etc.

We have tried to enlist all the possible differences between an MS in the UK and an MS in the USA. We hope this article helps you decide your study abroad destination.

While choosing a destination, consider all of the above points very carefully before you settle upon an option. Then, list down the universities that go with your profile and your course choice the best. And then, well, begin your preparations for your MS abroad!
So, what will it be for you- the US or the UK?

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