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Today, Instagram has more than one billion users, and the contests and giveaways will help you boost and make your content noticed by the Instagram algorithm. It helps you to increase your brand awareness, and Instagram giveaway can give you great insight into your brand. In the marketing era, the term engagement plays a significant role also with the clone Instagram. It can be better understood with the example of social media profiles like comments, likes, shares, follows, click, etc. where a vast number of people engage with your brand.

Bringing the level of engagement to new height helps you to link with the long-lasting, loyal customers. There are some rules for the Instagram contest that you need to learn, which teaches you the essential facts to launch an Instagram contest. It is one of the essential things to understand and follow the rules that make sure to make your contest successful and protect your brand.

There are various ways to run the Instagram giveaway, but you can’t say which is right or wrong. Your approach for this depends upon the goal and type of actions you ask your target audience to do. Some types of audiences hate to take selfie giveaway like “post a selfie for a chance to win” contest can turn to be failed. So you need to take your audience’s preferences and need to be considered, then you can choose these winning Instagram giveaways that consist of variation on these types of contests.

  • Tag a friend- in this type, the followers are asked to give a comment and tag a friend in your post to get a chance to win.
  • Like to win contests- in this type of giveaways, you are just asking people to follow your account and like a post. You are not asking anyone to something outlandish like post a selfie as it may be risky, or you might not get any follower in the contest.
  • Share the post- in this type, the user post an image that is specific to the contest and enters anyone who tags and shares the post with your contest hashtag(#) giveaway.
  • Post a picture (SELFIE)- in this, and you will ask the followers to post a picture that is related to your brand by using the contest-specific hashtag. 

Best Instagram winning contest ideas

User-generated content

If you need to assemble a campaign around collecting user-generated content (UGC) to share online, developing an Instagram contest around that principle can be a fantastic method. Ask your audience to share an image onto their feed using a details hashtag or identifying your service to ensure that you can easily find all of the entries. Not just does this reward your customers for aiding you out. However, it offers you an entire toolbox of user-generated images to share on your feed for future content planning.


It is an excellent means to broaden your audience is by working together with a comparable brand involved in a competition with each other. If you go this route, individuals will certainly after that have to follow each brand entering the contest together to get in. Numerous influencers also hold corporate gifts such as this, suggested to assist their followers in finding new brand names and blog writers, and vice versa. If you’re working on expanding your Instagram presence, a collaborative contest may be your best choice.

Instagram stories

While Instagram contests are everything about giving back to your target market, there are essential advantages for your overall Instagram marketing technique: brand names can gather a lot of attention and produce a bigger audience. Having your target market share a message on their Instagram Stories as a kind of access can be an excellent additional method to get words available. It’s super easy for individuals to share articles to their Instagram Stories, so requesting something such as entry isn’t asking excessive of your audience. It can be a fair means to spread the word.

Like, comment and follow

Among the most preferred techniques of entry is to have individuals like your image announcing your Instagram competition, leave a comment, and follow your account to acquire entry. Just call your reward, lay down the guideline, and enjoy the entries fly in. You can ask people to comment on why they need to win, choose somebody to win, or label a pal to spread it. Nonetheless, that last alternative is an excellent contest idea all by itself– keep reading for even more methods to make tagging friends in competition work successfully.

Tag a friend

Want to get the word out about your Instagram contest truly? Ask individuals to identify a pal when they go into it! Individuals can tag as several buddies as they like to get even more entries. After that, those customers are most likely to get in and identify a few of their very own close friends, producing a ripple effect of understanding around your competition and brand name. You can additionally host a tag, a good friend Instagram competition, to ask your followers to nominate a person who should have a prize. An excellent means to give thanks to people who have been striving to aid others, besides, to expand your customer base at the same time.

Trivia or skill-based contest

A trivia contest can be an excellent means to bring in a lot of brand love, as individuals respond to questions and show how much they learn about you and your product and services. You can additionally ask trivia questions about a subject about your brand name. For instance, a traveling business can ask questions about an area where they sell packages, rather than ask about the packages themselves. Individuals who don’t understand a lot about your brand might wind up investigating the answers and learning more about your brand name. Asking followers to display a skill related to your product or brand is an additional excellent option, specifically if you use products or sources that help people learn or create those same skills. The access that can be found in can serve as material evidence of how well your products work.

Scavenger hunt contest

A scavenger hunt can be a fun method to obtain your Instagram community involved with your brand name. You can utilize your Instagram feed to supply hints that people need to comply with to locate a prize or provide people a listing of image jobs to finish and also publish by themselves Instagram feed or Instagram Story. They asked individuals to send their access to my Instagram DM. However, you could likewise ask people to post directly on Instagram or Instagram Stories.

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