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Drone comparison

To make a correct comparison of drones in the market, we must first carry out a small analysis of the objective that we wish to achieve with this acquisition. Drones are undoubtedly great, but unless you have the necessary knowledge, it is almost impossible to make a correct and informed purchase decision, there are many options, from cheap drones to expensive professional drones or much higher cost.

Within this section of the drone comparison, we could make the first division into drones for beginners, initiation drones, recreational drones, and professional drones.

Drones for beginners

For a beginner, there are some drones that we will highlight in this list, but the right drone will depend largely on what type of beginner is the person who has to use it.

If we are talking about a minor or person who intends to fly a drone with a budget of fewer than 50 euros, there are numerous drones on the market, although we must be aware that the benefits cannot be very high. An example of this type of drone for beginners could be the Eachine E010 or JJRC H36 mini drone that is practically identical.

Among the best drones for beginners, we could also include, within this comparison of cheap drones, Hubsan X4 H107C, Syma X11C, or JJRC H6C, which are part of the group of drones for beginners with cameras.

Not all drones have cameras, but most do. The drone’s camera has built without image stabilization cameras, but most of the drone’s beginners do not have cameras, or if they have their quality is very low. What is the best drone for beginners? This is a good question that has a complex answer because it depends on what we expect from the device.

Comparison of initiation Drones

Within this second group, we are already contemplating a higher quality of the camera, in some cases with the transmission of images in real-time for viewing on the ground. The incorporation of GPS systems, image stabilization, automatic return home, etc.

Most drones are fairly easy to fly, but the controls will be slightly different depending on the type of drone you get.

In this group, as in others of this technological level, we do not make a comparison of folding drones since the latter would be more developed in higher range drone levels.

Within a comparison of cheap drones, we could find drones such as the Hubsan H501S X4 BRUSHLESS, Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 GPS, JJRC H8D, HUBSAN X4 H502S, holy stone hs720 GPS drone, or the Syma X8PRO.

All of them have emerged as an important competitor in this segment which is DJI Ryzer Tello. This drone has very important strengths such as the quality of its 720-pixel camera and a resolution of up to 5 Mp, which is perfect for taking photos and selfies. In addition, it has various automatic functions such as easy take-off in hand, stunts, battery protection, and a long etcetera that will delight its users.

On many occasions, we ask ourselves the question: What are the best drones of less than 200 euros? Well, as we have said the DJI Ryzer Tello we believe that it is the answer to that question.

The Best Drones on the Market for Recreational Use

It is not really possible to make an exclusive and specific classification of drones for recreational use, since with current legislation, any drone, even weighing up to 25 kg, could be classified as recreational if the use it was given was that. Therefore, we are going to carry out an enumeration of the drones that would be initially designed for that destination, taking into account their design and technical characteristics.

In this segment, the manufacturers DJI, Parrot, Xiaomi, Yunec or Walkera, share the market with a greater or lesser share.

A comparison of DJI drones in this segment would give us the Spark, Mavic Air, and Mavic 2, these models with greater prestige among users.

Almost all the models presented here have some security features. Even the DJI Spark, which is not built for long-haul flights, includes a GPS and automatic return functionality.

Best Professional Drones

In this segment the best brands of professional drones are DJI, Xflold or Freefly .

The best professional drones within the segment itself can start from a Mavic 2 PRO, at the bottom of the category up to an Alta 8.

The best professional drones could be: Mavic 2 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Anafi, Work, Parrot Bluegrass Fields, Parrot Sequoia +, Matrice 200, Inspire 2, Xfold Dragon, Xfold Cinema, Alta 6 Pro, Alta 8 Pro, Elios of Flyability, etc. Among these models and others, we could say that they are the 10 best professional drones.

Drone price comparison

Making a comparison of market drones prices is extremely difficult since it depends on the segment you are in. We can find drones from 15 euros, to drones of more than 50,000 euros or higher. Therefore, to be fair, we cannot make a comparison on prices because it is not possible due to the infinite number of variables involved.

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