How Can Yelp Help Small Businesses In The Digital

Are you a start-up or a small growing business? Do you want more exposure for your business?

Grab the opportunity to interact and more exposure for your business with Yelp. If you’re a small business owner like having a cafe, restaurant and you desired to attract potential customers for your business, Yelp can be essential for grabbing the customer and increasing your online as well as offline presence.

Whether you’re new on Yelp or an older one, are you doing all essential things to attract new customers with ever-growing Yelp?

In today’s article, you will learn how Yelp can help small businesses to get more exposure online.

What Is Yelp?

Launched back in 2004, Yelp is a business directory submission site, was created to initially help customers and businesses to get connected.

Finding small businesses that they can trust and get excellent services that they can decide by reading their reviews, market name, and their business popularity.

With over 47+ million monthly visitors Yelp helps small businesses to get the maximum number of visitors and convert them into potential customers.

Converting a visitor into your potential customer is not easy. Before taking the product and services customers check very things like the business profile, about the services, flexibility, return policy, customer reviews what other days about you and much more.
Just like others, Yelp has also some good and bad part, Yelp comes with a review part which can be good or bad for you.

People shares their own opinion via the review section and these reviews make a big impact on your sales. Many business owners ignore Yelp due to fake or bad reviews, they think it impacts a very bad impression of their business. But it’s wrong. Ignoring Yelp means a loss into your business. According to research, 70% of reviews on Yelp are from neutral to good. It depends on your service and customer satisfaction. Even businesses can convert their bad reviews into a good one if you’re aware of Yelp.

How Yelp Help Small Business?

Before getting into how Yelp can help businesses in the digital, you first need to realize the fact that Yelp isn’t just some other directory submission or customer review site, Yelp is a brand, think of Yelp’s reputation similar to Google My Business, Yelp however caters exclusively to businesses in Food, Event & Service sector.

The very first step of taking advantage of yelp is claiming your business page. The business page allows you to upload your own photos, add working hours, your website link and social media profiles. The most important thing is claiming your business allows you to make a response to your business reviews publicly or privately. You can separately ask customers about the concern about why they posted bad reviews and resolve them.

Helping your customers will increase your business credibility and also the customers change their reviews into a good one. Appreciate the good reviews so that customers are engaged to keep posting and appreciating your services.

1. Easily get connected with your customers

Having your own business page make it easier to get connected with your customers . You can easily take their suggestions and applying it to improve your business services.

2. Make a Brand Name

Yelp has its own images else if you have a business page then you can add your own photos, videos, and story. The content you put makes a direct impact on customers. Putting your own image makes it real and trustworthy. It helps you to create a brand name, an identity of your business.

3. Add Business Information

Adding business information like business hours, working days, menus or list of services provided by you, location and website make a great impression. Business information on Yelp, help you to get easily discovered on Google as well.

4. Respond On Customers Feedback

The review is very important for every business whether it’s a bad review or good review. It is what actually customers feel or think about you.
Respond to reviews within 24 hours make it a good and customers like it.

Responding to customer reviews can change bad into a good one. Appreciating good reviews like thankyou messages engaged new customers to share their experience. Engaging more customers to put their experience means increased the number of potential customers.

By owning a business page allows you to get respond privately or publicly. Whether you want to show it publically or appreciating one, you can do it.

5. Authority of Your Website

In the SEO term, Yelp has a great online presence and good authority. The website has a good number of SEO metrics like DA, PA, CF, TF and web traffic on their site.

Having backlinks on Yelp, help you to drive more web traffic on your website and improve your SEO ranking on Google.

With a piece of short information about your business on Yelp, and wedding your main website page, where users can find information about your business and convert it into sales.

If you’re into selling services and you wish to ignite online visibility with purpose then you simply cannot miss Yelp, your target customers are actually active & are willing to engage with your business on Yelp.

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