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Interior Design: The beauty of owning your own house or apartment is the utter freedom you are afforded to create a bespoke, personalized interior design theme that reflects who you are and what you love. 
So, if you are someone who unashamedly enjoys the finer elements of life, then your property’s décor should naturally reflect this. Here, to help you achieve a design to do just that is a detailed guide on how to inject luxury and glamour into your home’s interior design.

Invest in Oversized Artwork

Luxe and glamour in your home can be easily injected initially by thinking big, and this can be simply achieved with the addition of one or more oversized pieces of artwork. 
This is essentially due to the fact that oversized pieces of art conjure an image of an art gallery aesthetic; a place of contemplation and artful study, and the beauty of this first suggestion is that you can achieve this look without spending too much money. Even a large canvas in the middle of the room (say, above a fireplace with metallic gold honeycomb patterns across the front) can turn what was before a fairly average-looking living room into a showpiece. 
As art is such a subjective concept, even if you feel as if the type of art you enjoy and would want to include in your home’s design is not in keeping with what you believe to be current fashion, you should also bear in mind that true glamour is to embrace who you are.

Always Set Your Dining Room Table

Another beautiful and enjoyable way of decorating your home with a more luxe and “bougie” feel is to ensure your dining room table is always set and that it looks perfectly in place at all times. Now, in an ideal situation, you would have another table to use for family mealtimes, meaning your “show” dining table is never disturbed and you need not spend fifteen minutes after every meal rearranging everything.
However, unless you are particularly fortunate, you will instead need to think of creative ways to either move over the statement dining set to the side whilst eating or be efficient when it comes to washing up and repositioning the dried cutlery back on the table.

Upgrade to Wooden Flooring

For the hall and entranceway to your home, the desired glamorous aesthetic you are searching for will never be achieved if there are numerous pairs of shoes, shopping bags, and other paraphernalia in the way. As well as fully decluttering the space, you may want to consider upgrading to wooden flooring throughout the ground floor of the property.

There are numerous impressive benefits in upgrading to wooden flooring from more traditional carpet coverings, including the following:

  • Easy installation
  • Durability and strength
  • Added value to your property
  • Warmth
  • Improved air quality 
  • Incredibly easy to clean and maintain

Prestigious flooring expert suppliers, such as those at, Interior Design will be more than happy to conduct a thorough survey of the space you want to have wooden flooring installed and answer any questions you may have.

Place Fresh Flowers Throughout!

There is a wide plethora of benefits to the introduction of fresh flowers and indoor plants into your home aesthetic, not least because flowers convey a feeling of peace and tranquillity.
The key advantages to making sure there are always at least a couple of flower bouquets positioned in one or more rooms of your home (or indeed, an array of plants in the kitchen) include, amongst many others, the following:

  • A way to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • A way to fight low mood and depression
  • An improvement in concentration and focus
  • A way to relax in your surroundings and unleash your creativity
  • A way to grow your own herbs to garnish your meals
  • A way to reduce sound pollution in smaller spaces
  • Cleaner and fresher air

Add Statement Lighting

When you think about any old country manor houses you may have visited or indeed, recall the splendor of the living spaces of the “upstairs” characters in period dramas such as Downton Abbey, no doubt you will imagine crystal chandeliers and other crystal statement lighting. 
Now, you may have high ceilings and vast spaces within your own property and if so, there is no reason why you cannot embrace the chandelier trend and install a large, intricate chandelier in the entrance hall to your home.
However, if your own home is much smaller, yet still (of course) beautiful, then smaller items of statement lighting fixtures and fittings with crystal detailing may be more appropriate.

Think About 1970s Style

If you are a dedicated follower of fashion, then you will already be fully aware of the resurgence of 1970s patterns, fabrics, and colors in clothing and accessories that both designers and high-street shops have embraced in the past few months.
1970s style in the context of home design and décor is, indeed, just as popular and moreover, is cited to remain as such for the foreseeable future. So, in a way to combine trending fashions and luxury, you should consider a mini-1970s revival when it comes to the smaller details in your décor.

Such smaller, 1970s details could include one or more of the following:

  • Deep shag-pile rugs 
  • Wooden-framed sofas
  • Hardwood skirting boards
  • Linen throws 
  • Rattan coffee tables 
  • Lilac cushion covers 
  • Brass hardware
  • Vintage turntables

Treat Your Home as Your Oasis of Calm

Finally, once you have done everything you can to redecorate your home with a more luxurious and decadent aesthetic in mind, it is then time to turn your attention to how you treat your home and your behaviors within it.
Naturally, modern life is such that it is impossible to always retain a Zen-like attitude to everything that happens to you, but managing your stress levels, relaxing whenever you get the chance, taking long bubble baths, and even engaging in deep-breathing techniques as part of a meditative break are all ways in which you can maintain a calm environment at home.

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