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Choosing a care home is a big decision whichever way you look at it. While there will be a million and
one things to think about when planning your retirement living space, it is important to not neglect
the basics. Any care home that you do pick must provide comfort, safety, community, and most
importantly, the correct support at any given moment. Here’s what you need to know about finding
the best option for you.

Location is Important

Where you pick to spend your retirement years is a crucial decision. You may want to be close to your children and grandchildren or be in a place that holds sentimental value. This choice requires a lot of thought and research to get right. While you do have the option of moving if you feel as though you made the wrong choice, it will become harder the more you age and also cost a significant amount of money again. So this is something you want to get right the first time around.

It Should Feel Like a Community

Socialization is essential for well-being at any age, but especially for senior people. The benefits of interaction, activity, and social relationships are untold and will help you stay more engaged with life. There are dangers associated with isolation, and having friends around you will help you retain a sense of self and independence. A space focused on community values like Vale View Heights Care Home will meet all of these needs and ensure that you are getting the best quality of life as you get older.

Amenities Are Important

It is important that you feel as though you have a continuation of the life you are used to. There are certain things that you won’t want to let go of, and others that you don’t mind saying goodbye to. For instance, how do you feel about cooking? It is common for care homes to provide a menu for residents, so this is something you need to establish if you want to continue cooking for yourself. There are so many formations out there from self-catering apartments to single rooms with en-suites, after all, and you must think carefully about what you want and need. Also, remember to look at things like housekeeping services like cleaning and laundry, facilities on-site such as a gym or entertainment hall, and libraries.

As Is Healthcare Assistance

Whether you have an ongoing medical condition or not, healthcare support is an essential and valuable service to have close by. Many establishments ensure that there is an affiliated or in-house nursing team, for instance, to help residents manage medication, monitor ailments, and so on. There should be a sense of reassurance and peace of mind that you are going to be well looked after regardless of what your physical and mental health brings to the table.

Viewings Are Essential

You can’t expect to feel comfortable about moving into a place that you have never physically seen. Therefore, take your time to book tours and view rooms so that you can gain a true picture of what a place has to offer you personally. You can never really tell from pictures on a website or brochure the real state of a property, or the rooms and facilities until you have walked around and seen it with your own two eyes. It will be fun to see all the options that you have shortlisted, and it will be a great opportunity to meet the staff and get a feel for how the pre-existing residents are treated.

Check Out the Hygiene and Cleanliness

When you visit your list of potential homes, the biggest thing to look for is how clean it is. What does the hygiene vibe feel like? Are there clean corridors and fresh linen, or are things looking a little worse for wear? Factors such as décor, furniture, en-suite facilities, and catering centers should all be at the forefront of this mission. If there is soft bedding, strong mattresses, updated furnishings and furniture, and nicely painted, clean walls, then these are all great signs that the home takes an active approach to maintain the property for its residents.

You Will Need an Idea of the Cost

Of course, there is always the matter of budgeting to consider. Put together a list of costs that you will have if you opt for option A or option B, etc. This will help you build a budget that will support you in staying on track financially. Some people have savings and others rely on a pension or help from family. Whatever the circumstance, there will be money to pay when you live there, and this has to be taken care of so you are not threatened with eviction.

Outside Space is a Must

Another top priority is observing the amount of outside space and how accessible it is to all of the residents. If you have mobility restrictions, for example, you use a wheelchair, you should establish whether there are suitable routes to reach the green spaces. There are a hundred and one health benefits found in nature for older people, and time outdoors is essential for promoting well-being and gentle exercise when appropriate.

What Does Your Gut Tell You?

The biggest question of all is how do you feel? When you have all of the facts, and you have visited a few places, what is your gut telling you? Our bodies and minds have a way of letting us know exactly what feels right and what feels wrong. You should listen to this above all else because it will guide you towards the better choice. If a place ticks all of your boxes, but something feels off, figure out what it is and resolve it before you make a commitment. Similarly, if your warning bells are ringing, then it is time to find another option. 
Picking a care home is a major life decision. Give it as much time as necessary to ensure you are making an informed choice and one that will support your lifestyle, care needs, and general well-being too.

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