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Branded Merchandise: The main goal of a business owner is to create revenue for his company. One best way to do that is via effective marketing strategies. They should ensure that the brand is relevant and up-to-date with their products and services. But another means is to make the firm stand out by engaging with its target audience. Promotional marketing is one of the critical factors in brand recall.

Branded merchandise is best for name recall. You may have seen a lot of companies give out freebies whenever you do business with them. Hand sanitizers, pens, keychains, stress balls, and shirts are some of the items commonly given away or sold items by companies. Using the right promotional materials for your advertising needs is the key to the success of your business. To get you started, print out the company logo, contact details, and company name on your promo paraphernalia, and you are all set for a great branded merchandise to come.

Choose unique yet functional promotional items

Branded promotional materials make the job of the marketing department easier. The items should correlate to the company to achieve the maximum intended effect (read: customer interest and product loyalty). For instance, if a company sells products related to the prevention of COVID-19, it can opt for promo items connected to healthy living. Hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, water containers, and small alcohol bottles are some excellent giveaway choices. Or if a company is into eco-friendly solutions, they can have eco-bags or reusable straws as their giveaways.

Another way to do it is by choosing cute yet handy items. The goal is to entice customers to integrate it into their daily lives. If they use a towel with your brand on it during their early morning runs, other people would see it. When they need products similar to yours, your brand would be the first one that comes to their minds due to name recall. Think of it as free advertising without paying the “advertisers” for their services. It is a win-win situation without additional effort from your sales team.

Item Distribution from Branded merchandise

A company does not have events all the time. But when they do, they usually go all-out with their promotional materials. If they have a booth, there would probably be small freebie trinkets such as stationary, pens, stickers, and even mobile phone holders. Huge retail and trade events sometimes raffle off promo items like notebooks, tech accessories, vanity kits, or USB flash drives. Conferences and seminars would often have gifts on hand as well. And if they wish, they can also do a little selling on the side for their slightly bigger items like sweatshirts, hats, clocks, tumblers, pillows, or golf umbrellas.

Think of creative ways to give out promotional items

The company can give out promotional products in a fun and creative way. You can send logo-branded items to your loyal customers via traditional direct mail campaigns for better brand retention. Or is your target market more technology-savvy? Online photo contests are great for creating a buzz on social media. Some competitions also happen in the form of social media “likes and reactions.” The prize can have a significant reward with a bundle or one big branded item (with your name and logo, of course) as consolation prizes. The possibilities are endless.

Brand development is key to a successful business. So give your clients free promotional materials for better name recall.

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