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Migrating from Shared Hosting to VPS – Things You Need to Know

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Migrating to a VPS hosting account from a shared server is quite a good upgrade to your website with loads of benefits, but before you attempt migrating you need to know about VPS. Also, you need to search for the best VPS web hosting service which may fulfill all the requirements. Don’t forget to backup information, so you can quickly restore them in need. Here are some important topics discussed in order to help you while migrating from a shared network to VPS.

 Difference Betwwen Shared Hosting and VPS

What is VPS?

VPS as known as a virtual private server is an Internet hosting service that provides access to every part of the system and let you run almost every software available for the operating system. The virtual machine is sold by the Internet hosting protocol service to ensure you the best website hosting experience with great accessibility and almost same functionality as a physical server.

Why Should You Use a VPS Network?

There are plenty of needs that VPS fulfills, here are the specific ones –

  • Mass Email
  • While a shared hosting service limits the number of emails you send every hour, VPS offers you an unlimited mailing option. So, if you’re advertising your company via email, you need VPS for better functionality.

  • Business emails
  • You can access multiple email users under one IP address in VPS service, with no limitations of IMAP and POP connections.

  • Customization

You can develop your custom hosting environment including a large amount of software compatibility provides VPS service.
The Major Difference Between a Shared Hosting Network and VPS
A VPS service will give you the entire power of a dedicated hosting service including customization such as disk space management and own services while a shared host you’ll get limitations everywhere. You can’t customize the software configurations and administration access but a VPN service will let you perform these actions from the control panel, so the functions of the best web hosting service are beyond your thought.

Benefits of VPS

The best website hosting service comes with inevitable benefits, following are 3 great benefits of VPN service you will always want to pursue –
1. VPS service comes with more stability and reliable performance, unlike a shared host, you will get fewer possibilities of crash reports and great uptime rate.

2. You’ll get more control options than a shared hosting service, including custom installations of software and no support policy as it is your private server.

3. VPS services are undoubtedly less expensive than shared host networks, offering advanced technologies for your new website whether it’s a small business or not, the price will be decreased as per the website.

Best VPS Web Hosting Providers

Here are the recommended 5 VPS hosting providers which are economic and reliable for personal use or a small business –

1. iPage.com
• Unlimited domains
• Unlimited disk storage
• Free registration
• 30days money back guarantee

2. HostGator.com
• Unlimited emails
• Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
• Money back guarantees in 45 days

3. HostingRaja.in
• One of the best VPS hosting in India provides 5GB web space
• 20GB bandwidth
• 30days money back policy

4. Bluehost.com
• Unlimited website space
• Free domain name
• Unlimited mail accounts

5. GreenGeeks.com
• Unlimited data transfer and web space
• IMAP/POP3 email accounts
• Unlimited domains available in one account
• 30days money back policy

You can decide from above or you can further search for VPS service that will meet your requirements and sign up for the best hosting for corporate websites.

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