Top 10 Google Chrome Extension Must Add For Bloggers 2019

Google Chrome has become a favorite and popular browser among all internet users. Even with the existence of small programs, one can rely on the more reliable browsing experience. These programs are known as Google Chrome Extensions. These extensions are Frequently used by every kind of user whether he needs them for entertainment or professional use.

Bloggers can also optimize their time with the use of these appropriate extensions. There are too many extensions that are already existing in the Google library which makes blogging easier than ever. Having a list of the top 10 Google Chrome Extensions will make your path easier instead of going through the confusing offers.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extension for Bloggers

10. Grammarly

Grammarly Chrome Extension

Well.. there’s a huge herd of “grammar nazis” out there on the internet today. You might feel bad typing something you want, but might be afraid that people would judge you by your English. So.. as your wingman, there’s a Google extension called Grammarly to help you to get lovers….of your posts.

Grammarly helps you by notifying your errors and assisting with how you can change them. It’s one of the most important Google extensions that has been created. Highly recommended for bloggers.

9. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary Chrome Extension

You don’t need to have the best vocabulary in your area to start writing your own blog. You can instead be clever and tweak your words and sentences so that your blog would make you look smart (kidding.. NOT). Google dictionary is right there at your doorstep ( of course the Google store, you dummy!)

By just highlighting the words, Google Dictionary helps you to know the meaning of words you don’t know about. It helps you with the correction of your sentences too. Works well.

8. Pocket

Pocket Chrome Extension

This extension is basically having a rocket in your pocket.*Pun Intended*. Pocket is there to keep all your important things that might be useful later. Anything from writings to videos can be saved in your pocket and can be accessed with any device without the Internet.

This extension won the award for the best productivity app in 2014. Well, definitely a top app for bloggers.

7. Block Site

Block site Chrome Extension

If you don’t get the gist by its name then you must be really special. Block Site takes care of your precious time. You might spend your valuable time on sites like 9gag, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, hi5. Wait! Did I just say hi5? Well, I really must be hi minus the 5.

Getting serious now.. ahem. Block Site really helps you to increase your productivity by blocking the websites that take a huge amount of your time.

6. AdBlock

AdBlock Chrome Extension

Adblock is a great browser extension not only for blocking ads but also for blocking content from any website, which makes it easier to block malware hosted on sites around the web.

It has a preset filter list that allows users to quickly block most ads but savvy users can choose additional lists as well as custom filters.

5. Word Count Tool

Word counter Chrome Extension

Word count tool is a simple extension that reports the number of words, characters of the selected text, including the number of words, characters, etc. Users have to select the text and then right-click to view the menu options. It’s a very handy tool for bloggers who have to create content every day.

4. Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank Chrome Extension

Alexa traffic rank is a very important extension that helps to determine the strength of a given website on the internet. A site’s Alexa rank is based on a combined measure of unique visitors and pageviews.

It helps you to know how well your site is ranked. Whereas, it also motivates you to reach some desired level.

3. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Chrome extension

Evernote web clipper is one of the easiest ways to save web pages to view later on Evernote. Users can also highlight content on a website or an article using the extension pretty easily.

Sharing these notes is pretty straight forward. The share button saves the note and provides a link to a version of it. The link can be sent to others via email or social media

2. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension

The awesome screenshot is a very popular screen capture and image annotation tool on Google chrome. It is currently the highest rated extension in its category and has over 2 million users.

Using this tool, users can add an annotation to a saved screenshot, write comments, blur sensitive info, and share it on share social media. They’re currently no in-app purchases as the previously premium features are now completely free.

1. Writer

Writer Chrome extension

The writer is a unique and quite simple extension in Google. Being used by a huge lot of writers, it stands out among the countless text editors. It’s simplicity and its uniqueness makes it one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers.

There are no fonts, no bold, no italics no nothing, but just words. Being simple doesn’t mean that it is behind in functionality. It can save automatically, counter words, save in PDF or text, color customization, and importantly, offline access.

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