top 10 most happiest countries in the world

The happiness level of countries depends upon these three categories i.e. political stability, economic data and social foundation. It is not an easy task to maintain the above three categories in same order. Hence to make their country the happiest in the world, every single person has to work upon it. Financial conditions of a market should be stable to increase the economic data.

The development and healthy environment can raise the social foundation. Last but not the least to add your country in top 10 lists, good public services are required.

10. Australia

Happiest Countries in the World

Population: 23.78 million (2015)
Capital: Canberra

9. Sweden

Top 10 Most Happiest Countries

Population: 9.799 million (2015)
Capital: Stockholm

8. New Zealand

Happiest Country in the world

Population: 4.596 million (2015)
Capital: Wellington

7. Canada

the happiest countries the world

Population: 35.85 million (2015)
Capital: Ottawa

6. Netherlands

Which is the happiest country to live

Population: 16.94 million (2015)
Capital: Amsterdam

5. Finland

Top 10 Happy countries

Population: 5.482 million (2015)
Capital: Helsinki

4. Switzerland

Happy Countries list

Population: 7,581,000
Capital: Bern

3. Iceland

List of Happiest countries in the world

Population: 330,823 (2015)
Capital: Reykjavik

2. Denmark

happy country in the world

Population: 5.676 million (2015)
Capital: Copenhagen

1. Norway

No 1 Happiest Country in the world

Population: 5.196 million (2015)
Capital: Oslo

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