best city to live in India 2019

In order to have improved and sustainable means of the standard of living, the selection of the city is to be identified and chosen carefully. A prior survey and observation enable to make a peaceful living.

Among several cities in India, rarely few are listed as best cities to live. The word ‘best’ is placed for the ideally composed matter. Similarly, the same concept goes with the issue of finding the best cities to reside.

A whole gamut of factors is responsible to create the impact of best city. The factors which are taken into consideration are cost of living, the standard of living, cleanliness, nightlife, safety issues, transportation, professional opportunities, health facilities, infrastructure.

Many Indian residents want to cling to their birthplace and it makes people rejoiced to cherish the nostalgic moments. Yes, India can be regarded as the best place to live and it can be done by making a note of important best cities. Let’s have a look of the topmost Indian cities to live-in.

10. Kolkata

Top 10 Best Cities to Live in India 2020

Kolkata know as Calcutta. It is one of the top most cities to live in India. It comprises a number of factors which need to be improved to attain the first place.

State: West Bengal
Population: 15,423,519
Best Places to Visit: Victoria Memorial, Fort William, Belur Mutt & lot of places are waiting for you

9. Gandhinagar

10 Best Cities to Live in India

Another notable Indian city to live-in is Gandhinagar. It’s featured with clean water facility, proper infrastructure, lush greens and high-quality security.

8. Chandigarh

Best Cities to Live in India

In terms of planned cities, Chandigarh makes a mark. The city is clean and thriving with modern technical and medical opportunities. The planned township is found in Panchkula and Mohali.

7. Surat, Gujarat

Cities to Live in India

Surat is one of the best Indian cities to live-in. The array of opportunities will not make anyone disappointed and idle. As one of the progressive cities, it’s ideal to settle. The high quality of cleanliness is maintained.

6. New Delhi

10 Cities to Live in India

It attains the sixth position in terms of topmost cities to live-in in India. The capital of India is regarded as the commercial hub and it’s also one of the best places to enjoy life.

5. Mumbai

Best city to live in India

If one needs to figure out top most Indian cities to live in, Mumbai can be rated as one of the top most cities bubbling with life and professional opportunities. It’s the place where cost of living is high but it ensures a better standard of living. It’s a city of wealthy persons. It allows people to live with basic facilities such as clean water, transportation, business opportunities, education.

4. Chennai

best city to live in india 2019

Chennai, located in the southern part of India is considered as the most liveable city in India. It’s featured with some of the top listed educational institutes, high-tech hospitals and what not. It’s also known as the ‘Cultural capital of the south.’

3. Bangalore

best city to live india

The third top most city to reside in India is Bangalore. Considered as one of the most advanced cities in India, it’s the perfect place to think of living. It is featured with highly advanced infrastructure, health facilities, nightlife.

None has to worry about safety measures in Bangalore. People used to call Bangalore as safest city in India, no history of natural distraters like heavy rain, floods, heat, volcano, tsunami happened here.

2. Pune

top 10 cities to live in India

It’s ranked as the 2nd best city of India to live in. One of the main reasons to prefer to reside in this city is that it offers galore of educational opportunities. As one of the booming cities, people prefer to create settlements in Pune.

1. Hyderabad


Among the topmost Indian cities to live in, is Hyderabad. It’s one of the most fastest growing cities in India. People will find cleanliness and safety – the basic elements of living. Professionals can find jobs in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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