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It’s very normal with people getting bored with their daily schedule. Either it is kids, working men, or house wives every one want a change in their daily routine. For a change in daily life vacation is the best solution. The moment holiday approach everyone starts planning vacation and hunt for family travel places.

PLUS: Top 10 Famous Tourist Locations In India

There are various places where people can plan for their vacation with family. Some family travel places are Delhi, Jaisalmer, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Chennai, Bangalore, Ladakh, Kashmir, Sikkim, Kolkata etc.

Delhi is the best during autumn. The temperature during this time is very moderate basically in 20s. This time is the complete festive time which goes on for 10 days. The street of Delhi is colorful and glittering with light at this period and the city also becomes alive for this 10 days. People are found dancing on the street, hoping in the pandals, people play dandia during this time, then ramlila plays at the ground and burning of the effigies of Ravana etc. are the certain acts found happening during this period which is greatly liked by the tourist and non-tourists.  Delhi being situated on the bank of Yamuna River is also the capital of India. Not only this it is also the soul of the country and is verywell known as “dilwalokidilli”. It has many hotspots to attract the tourists like QutabMinar, Red Fort, India Gate, JantarMantar, Lotus Temple, RashtrapatiBhavan, etc. Beyond this Delhi is also famous for its food, theatres and shopping.

Kerela is also one of the best family travel places. It is diversity of India with tangible beauty and high literacy rate. It is a small state situated at the southernmost tip of India. Kerela is famous for its culture, backwater, and beautiful hill station like Munnar, Idduki, etc. and lastly this state is exclusively of renowned for its beaches.

Ladakh also known as “little Tibet of India” is also the best for family travel places. Ladakh is considered as the coldest desert on the earth and has a very different lifestyle than the rest of the country. The hotspots of Ladkah are Hemis Monastery, Leh Palace, Stok Palace Museum, SheyGompa and the Shey Palace. One can also experience adventure in Ladakh. The tourist can also enjoy adventure sports like river rafting, trekking mountain climbing etc.

The paradise of India Kashmir, is one the beautiful place in India which is worth visiting. The main hotspots of Kashmir are Pahalagam which is famous resort town. If one want to experience the beauty of nature Pahalagam is the best option. Gumlarg, Dal lake, Shalimar Garden, etc are some more beautiful hotspots of Kashmir.

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