Things you need to know about WhatsApp Web

Isn’t it good to view, write, and send messages on your system? WhatsApp Web offers you the same facility to enjoy chatting on your computer. Yes, it is a computer-based extension of the account of WhatsApp on your phone. The message you receive and send is completely synced between your computer and phone. You can get all the details about secure WhatsApp chat on Its benefit for the user is that it allows checking messages on both the gadgets. Any work you are doing on the phone will come on WhatsApp Web. This facility is available only for Windows Phone 8.1 and 8.0, iPhone 8.1 plus, Android, smartphones, BlackBerry, Nokia S40 EVO, Nokia S60, and many more.

About WhatsApp Web:

WhatsApp Web is the same web account that you have on your phone. It means you are going to access WhatsApp on your phone and computer. WhatsApp is famous these days, and it is a leading messaging app around the globe. On different platforms of mobile phones and devices, the majority of the users use this app. It is supported by Nokia, Blackberry, iOS, and Java. About 750 million people are using this app, and the number of users is increasing day by day. The most vital advantage of WhatsApp is that it is available on the computer or the system that the users are using. All the users can continue their chats on their system or the personal computer. It comes with the ability to run the Chrome browser. It offers to chat with your computer and phone. On a big screen, it allows the ultimate experience of the users.

You can run WhatsApp web on any device that supports chrome-like opera, Google chrome, and others. If you need to run Whatsapp on your computer, then your system should contain any of this browser. It allows you to get the facility of chat on the big monitor. On the internet, it is easy to use, and there is less problem of compatibility with several devices. It is vital to connect your phone with your internet to get the facility of WhatsApp Web. If your phone has no connection with the internet, then you will not be able to get WhatsApp web. You need to get active internet connections to your mobile phone.

Can we create a new account with WhatsApp Web?

No, it is not possible because it creates a new account with the WhatsApp web. The majority of the people use it, and they need to connect it with their phone. It is not a standalone application. The prime reason to introduce this facility is to chat on the big screen. If a user is sitting beside the laptop or desktop, then he can use a big screen and dedicated keyboard to make the typing easy. It makes your typing on the keyboard simple. If you are busy with your system, then you do not need to use your mobile to read, view, and check messages or for chatting. You do not need to download a separate extension for the WhatsApp web “”. What you need to do is to open the link in your browser and then you can enjoy the application.

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