Designer Counterfeits

Spot Designer Counterfeits: If you collect designer products, especially clothing, chances are, you have already bought a knock-off. These counterfeits are made to look authentic but are cheap and very low in quality. While it is alright for some people to carry or wear a replica, buying a fake item for an authentic price is different. Almost all designer bags, clothes, shoes, and accessories have counterfeits, and often it is hard to differentiate the authentic one from a fake one. 

Augustine clothing is one of these designer clothes being faked, as many women love to have a piece of it. So, if you plan to buy one, make sure you deal with a trusted store that sells authentic Augustine clothing.
Moreover, if you want to make sure that you are getting the real deal, below are some tips to spot a designer counterfeit.


When buying a designer’s clothing or bag, you must first check the seams. The seams of the authentic items are well lined up with the fabric and pattern. The counterfeits are not well seamed and usually do not match the patterns.

Keep in mind that you are buying an authentic item not only for the name – you are buying the quality of its workmanship. Authentic designer items don’t have faulty zippers or loose threads. Always check the product for signs of high-quality workmanship.


The easiest way to spot a counterfeit is the price. You will be paying top dollars for designer goods. If you think that the offer is a steal, chances are it is not real. Remember that if the item is priced less than 30% of the original price tag, it is probably fake. That is below the price of the discounted items at seasonal department store sales or second-hand stores.


Authentic designer items always have their logo neatly placed or printed. After all, it is the symbol of their company. Designer Counterfeits don’t print the logo correctly, and most of the time, they misspell it. Moreover, most authentic items have nameplates with their logo on it. Furthermore, some logos should be seen in different parts, such as zipper pulls and buttons.


Typically, authentic designer products are made where their company is based. However, some companies outsource manufacturing to other countries where the product’s materials are highly accessible. Augustine clothing and some of their products are made from different countries, and it is stated on their website.

However, these items will be sent to their main headquarters mostly for final touch and packaging and will then be sent out to authorized stores. So, if you see that the item that you are going to buy will be sent from an address that is not a store or a business, it might be fake. Individuals are not authorized to sell designer goods.

Look and Feel:

One of the best ways to get a designer product for a low price is to buy a pre-loved item. However, there’s still a chance that what you are buying is fake. Feel the item. The fabric of an authentic designer clothing is made from finely combed cotton that feels smooth and almost silky, making it very comfortable to wear. Furthermore, authentic clothing retains its shape even after many washes, and its color never fades.

Pre-loved authentic items may show some signs of wear, but the item’s integrity or quality should still be there. These are the things that you need to check on your next shopping, whether it is from an online or physical store. You may be tempted to buy a cheap item that looks real, but keeps in mind that buying an authentic item is worth every dollar you spend.

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