Coffee beans

Types of Coffee beans: Coffee is next to water as one of the world’s most consumed beverages of all time. It is what you drink when you need to pick me up or keep the eyelids wide open. Most people have difficulty functioning in the morning without a drop of these most precious liquids. Coffee retailers like Frontier Coffee go beyond country borders because these roasted, caffeine-filled beans are responsible for a more alert and productive you. You down them several times a day to finish a hectic deadline at work or keep you awake. 

But the coffee-craze and the numerous shops in your area are not the only reasons you should drink coffee. Studies have shown that the beans used for your favorite drink are found to have high antioxidants, essential B vitamins, and caffeine that improve brain functions, moods, and reaction time. Brewing some of these feel-good beans at home ensures that you have a good start to your day. If you are overwhelmed by the seemingly unending varieties to choose from, here are three of them to get you started on your coffee roasting journey.

Brazilian Coffee Beans

When you think of Brazil, coffee beans first come to mind. Long before everyone else, the South American country has been growing and exporting them. A third of the production around the world comes from them, so it makes them a top authority in the coffee industry. Harvested between May to September, they annually produce around sixty million bags. Their climate allows them to cultivate the most exquisite beans ever. 

When roasted, the bean has a mellow flavor and does not turn overly bitter. It has low acidity with a nutty, sweet taste, and a pleasant aroma to perk you up. It is also not as expensive as other beans, yet you experience its full benefits on the first sip.

Colombian Coffee Beans

Some retailers like Frontier Coffee cross the borders of Brazil because Colombia is also a force to be reckoned in the field of coffee cultivation. Colombian coffee is considered as possibly one of the best beans in the world. Their coffee beans uniformly grow in the perfect climate, soil composition, and geography with a temperature that never falls beyond the freezing point. Their method of collection and harvest is also by hand, so you know that the beans you buy are of the freshest and the best. The coffee output is lighter and sweeter, with both a fruity and nutty tone to it.

Mexican Coffee Beans

Not to be outdone by its sibling countries, Mexico has also been growing its beans since the 1700s. Most of the yield comes from the southern states, specifically Puebla, Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Veracruz. While the bean characteristics vary due to the region’s agricultural situation, all fine Mexican coffees have a light body, brisk acidity, a hint of spice, and a fairly nutty flavor. Most people say that it even has a chocolate overtone to it. If you are a fan of blended coffee drinks, you should use these coffee beans because most shops use this as a blending base for most of their coffee-based beverages. 

If you are a fan of regular store produced coffee, you will realize the difference when you start brewing your cup. Give these three a taste and adjust to your bitterness liking.

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