Top 10 Disadvantages Of Love Marriage

Top 10 Disadvantages Of Love Marriage
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Love Marriage this is the term is usually described the type of marriages where two people fall in love and decide to get married without any involvement of any elders. This is mostly used in South Asia in which more in countries like INDIA, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. In starting these love marriages would happen between same communities as the centuries passed it became more often to happen between two different communities and also between countries too. The love marriages don’t have any boundaries the couple don’t mind the difference between their community, religion or caste.

Family Support:

benefits of love marriage
Usually love marriages are not often approved by parents due to the differences between the two families. The reasons vary a lot from differences between communities to the opinion of the relatives.


Advantages of love marriage
Expectations due to a being together for a long period before marriage there will be a lot more expectations of each other. This may lead them to break their relationship as they found difference between before and after marriage.


Before marriage the couple used to have a freedom to do anything and to go anywhere but after marriage will change the situation. Because of family there won’t be such freedom to do things like they want to.


Whenever there is a problem or anytime of conflict between the couples then they have their parents to guide them through it with their experience which gives solutions for the couples to make through the fight and get back to normal.


Mostly in love marriages, if parents are, convinced then that is because of their child’s happiness but that won’t be ready to accept the other person. This results in hating that person without any reason and eventually it ends up in misunderstandings.


advantage of love marriage
As the couple families don’t accept each other easily so both the families will be seeking reasons to point out the faults of each other. This will raise disputes between the couple and if they decide to end the relationship families will be encouraging to do break the relationship.

To get to know each other:

In love marriage before marriage the couples show their best to each other but once they get married and start living together they see negative-side of their partner too and it will make the partner to go into a disappointment state which is not healthy for a relationship.

Financial Problems:

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As being in love the couple only thinks about being together they don’t think about the financial problems and they won’t be ready for that. Getting married without family concern will result them no one to help them financially.


Till now the couples treat each other equally until marriage but after marriage the first conflict will raise about change in surname. I am not telling that both are not equal in a relationship they are but sometimes one must adjust and next others should adjust so lack of this understanding the conflict raise.


There will be a lack of maturity in the relationship because of the same age. Both the people will think in the same manner which may end up bad or good as they don’t think cons of others decision. In this part age difference comes handy.

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