Smartphone in 2022: 2022 is drawing to a close but one thing that won’t is the innovative revolution going on in the smartphone industry. New things are popping up and even the most unique ones will give way. But it doesn’t get any easier buying a brand of your choice. To put it mildly, it’s a task you want to be careful about, especially with new and changing features. This is why this piece is a must-read. It provides a range of things any interested buyer must consider. 10 in fact. Each packing its own importance.

1. Processor

It’s not called the brain of the device for nothing. Think about the hardware components of any smartphone and the processor gets a mention ahead of others. It’s that important. If you’re going to get a phone in 2022, search out one with a processor that fits your needs. Think about it, the more apps, games, and software you have demands fluidity in function. This is why a great processor is not only fast but also ensures your phone won’t freeze or hang. Of course, a smartphone with a high-end processor doesn’t come cheap. Consider your requirements and buy accordingly.

2. Internal Memory (RAM)

Every phone has a storage area that stores an application during its execution which gives the processor easy access to process them. Sounds hard to understand? Well, let’s put it like this, if you currently have a smartphone with less than 1GB (1 Gigabyte) RAM, you probably have a small number of working apps. It’s a given that pre-installed apps take up a lot of space leaving little space for apps and games you love. The minimum RAM to consider is anything from 2GB and above. Pick up the phone, head to its settings, and make sure of that!

3. Storage (ROM)

Most smartphone buffers know they need more than enough storage space for a lot of stuff. It’s no wonder then that brands put it upon themselves to solve this need with upgrades on ROM space. Now, there are smartphones with over 100GB of storage space. This way, all your stuff fits in. For example, if you’re a movie and music lover, you’ll love the additional space. Also, you can save up tons of content from the Internet and platforms like YouTube.

4. Battery Life

You’ve finally figured out how to link one of the best Chrome VPN extensions to your computer and then your phone goes off. Normal right? No. Battery life is important and a phone has to at least go on for a whole day. If it doesn’t and you’re quite the smartphone user, ditch it for something that lasts longer. Further, if you love music, movies, and games, you’ll need a good battery. The ideal range to look out for is anything from 3000mAH and above. While a good battery sure helps, you’ll also need a fast charger to go along with it.

5. Software

What version of iOS, Android, Windows, and the likes do you want? Well, the software plays a vital role to keep your device running smoothly. It also helps and forms a good part of the User Interface (UI). What’s more, if you’re a heavy smartphone user, you need all the help you can get. This comes with additional features from a reliable software that works and affords you the chance to make upgrades when needed.

6. Display

Everyone loves a beautiful screen no matter how small the smartphone is. Add to that a functionality that’s easy on the eye and you’ve got yourself a good deal. Whatever the screen size, ensure the display comes in with cool resolutions in terms of pixels. Further, displays are of two major types – LCD or AMOLED. AMOLED displays have a reputation for being rich, colorful, and help to sustain your battery life. LCDs take more though and often consume more energy. The ideal range of pixel resolutions to aim for is 1920 X 1080 and above.

7. Cameras

A smartphone with awesome cameras makes for good quality photos and videos. This has seen the tech around cameras significantly upgrade over time, with more megapixels added each year. 2022 will be no different but you shouldn’t be concerned about megapixels alone. The aperture and pixel size also matter and often determine the quality of your camera. Front, back, and even side cameras are features of some of the phones you can expect next year. Whether you’re keen on iOS, Android, and the likes, consider the cameras. Who knows? The perfect selfie could be one megapixel away!

8. Security

How secure is your current smartphone? Does it have certain enabled features to keep you and your private business safe? Those are two key questions and there could be more. Many smartphone users come under attack with their identity and other private information stolen. For these reasons, many brands go all out with extra security features such as iris sensors, fingerprint sensors, and voice recognition. More upgrades are also coming with the Widevine L1 feature to keep those keen on Netflix, Prime Video, and such services safe. All these in an attempt to protect your privacy. Security should be at the top of your list when buying a smartphone in 2022.

9. Audio/Speaker Quality

Talk-time is so much fun when you have perfect audio clarity and speaker quality. Many people don’t consider this factor but it is very important particularly for those who use it to stream videos and other content. Further, audio quality comes into question when you use your smartphone for video conferences. You’ll need a clear speaker when you’re on the go too. For instance, while listening to music on the bus with your headset on, a good front-facing speaker will help you communicate easily.

10. The Cost

This is always a sticking point because you’ll have to part with a certain sum of money to get the ideal smartphone. So, what can you afford? Cost-effective options are cool but even at that, value is not always represented in the amount of money you spend. Also, since 2022 is still a little off, consider drawing up a budget for the kind of features you want. Further, with some of the features and things to look out for, the prices will vary. Whether you use the best essay writing services to draw up an ideal list of smartphones or not, stick to what you can afford.


There you go! Now you have all you need at your fingertips to make the best choice when buying a smartphone in 2022. New or old, let most of these features form the makeup of your device.

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