Laptops are great because it is like you are carrying your computer with you. With internet connection and electricity, you can use your laptop for multiple purposes. You can watch a movie, look for essay services, do research for your assignment, read the latest news or play the latest game.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the best laptop that fits them all. And how much should you spend on a laptop? What to take into consideration when looking for a new laptop?

You Should Decide What Operating System You Want

For sure you have heard about Windows, Mac OS X, and Chrome OS. When deciding what operating system you want, you should know a few things. Most laptops run on Windows. Windows 10 has a lot of improvements compared to its 7 and 8 editions.

You can use your natural language when searching in your inbox. Windows has a powerful assistant, named Cortana, which can help you search for what you need and answer questions.

When talking about Mac OS, you should know that all Apple MacBook come with this operating system. Although it is similar in functionalities with Windows, it has a completely different interface. Mac users have a powerful assistant too. Instead of Cortana, its name is Siri.

And if you have an iPhone, for sure you are familiarized with it. The difference between Windows and Mac is that MacBook do not come with touchscreens. But you can find laptops with a touchscreen on Windows.

What you should know about Chromebooks is that the operating system is made by Google. It is more limited than Mac OS and Windows, and the main app you will use is the Chrome browser. So, if you need a device just to surf the internet then a Chromebook is the right choice.

They are popular among parents and teachers because kids cannot infect it malware. They are more functional than tablets and you can get a 2-in-1 and use Android apps.

Choose the Right Size

So, depending also on your needs you should choose the size you want. The bigger the size, the heavier the laptop. So, the smallest and thinnest ones 11 to 12 inches weigh 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. You can find also laptops of 13 to 14 inches that weigh under 4 pounds, so they are highly portable.

The ones of 15 inches are among the most popular if you do not want to take your laptop everywhere with you. They weigh about 5.5 pounds. The largest sizes are ones of 17 and 18 inches. They are the most popular choice of gamers and office workers as the graphics are amazing on a bigger screen.

Keyboard and Touchpad

If you want your laptop for gaming, you will probably attach a keyboard. Most laptop keyboards are not adapted to gaming, but they are to writing. So, if you are going to write a lot of essays, research papers and so on, you should pay attention to the keyboard of the laptop. Be sure that there is enough space between the letters and if there is plenty of key travel. Make some tests and see how it feels.

When looking at touchpads, be sure that it is of high quality and the cursor is not jumpy. See how it adapts to multi-touch gestures.

Choose Your Laptop Components

Depending on what you need, you should look at laptop components: hard drive, RAM, and graphics chip. Read about the processor of the laptop, as it is its main brain. You can choose from a laptop with Intel Core i3 to Intel Core i9.

When talking about RAM, you should buy a laptop with at least 8GB RAM. This adds up to the price, as a 4GB RAM laptop is under 250$.

Take a look at the display also. If you will use your laptop for gaming, watching movies, and doing videos you will want a display with more pixels. The more pixels you have, the sharper the image. The same story goes for the graphics chip.

If you do not create 3D pictures or high-quality videos or games, you can buy a laptop with an integrated graphics chip. If this is not your case, you should look for graphics chips from Nvidia or AMD.

Think About the Battery Life

Of course, this is of most interest to you if you use to carry on your laptop with you. You will want your battery laptop to have at least 8 hours of endurance. Read reviews of third parties and also the functionalities created by the manufacturer.

If you will mostly use your laptop when at the office, then you should not worry about battery life.

Your Budget

Firstly, you should plan your budget. Depending on it and on your needs, you can start searching for the laptop that fits them all. How much should you spend on a laptop? These days you can find offers starting at 150$.

However, the higher the price, the higher the quality. So, if you can spend a little bit more, you should. For up to 250$ you can buy a Chromebook, excellent if you have kids or you are interested in just surfing the internet.

If you can spend up to 600$, you can get a laptop with Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive. This laptop is perfect if you are a writer or a student. The battery life is mostly low, but you can also find some exceptions.

If you are willing to pay for a laptop up to 900$, you will start to notice that features change. You have more metal than plastic and also higher resolutions. For more than 900$, you can expect to find highly portable devices. They even go a step forward and become ultraportable and powerful laptops.

Depending on your main activity and interest, you can pay 2,500$ and even 3,000$.

So, What to Keep in Mind?

It is important to begin with assessing your needs. Be honest and realistic. Then, plan a budget. These two steps are crucial for your final outcome. If you want a laptop for gaming, then you should look for larger screens and an amazing graphics chip.

If you will use your laptop only for writing essays and watching movies, you do not need a laptop of 900$. And if you just want a laptop for your kids, then Chromebooks are the choice. Read all the specifications and pay attention to the components.

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