Graphic Design

Graphic design is communication design which means communicating ideas via images and
style. It is the process of investing blood, sweat, and tears in creating visuals and structuring
information/ideas with powerful words, to communicate effectively to the audience.
And in this digital era, the usage of graphic design is immense which contributes a lot to a
brand’s success. Whether it is a website to present or an advertisement banner, graphic design has
a vast contribution.
Thus, it is pretty apparent to stick to ideas while bringing services to clients that can meet expectations. Having said that, fortunately, there are numerous great options like:

  • Graphic design blogs that can guide you with written and illustrated insights and enlighten you with upcoming trends to help you keep up the pace.
  • Graphic Design Software that are offer readymade templates and design elements like color, shape, and typography access for quick designing tasks and even a designing company that can help you with some inspiring ideas.

With that being mentioned, it won’t be wrong to say that if you are passionate enough there are some of the best graphic design blogs and software to help you. And on the same note, let us lead the way for now!

Blogs about graphic design

The top 10 well-known blogs written by various graphic design bloggers are given as follows:

  1. Adobe Creative Magazine: For graphic designers who are looking for ideas and information on new trends, Adobe Creative Magazine is a great resource for them. It is specially designed to hone your skills and talent, giving the best output. You can create unique content quickly and effortlessly with thousands of lovely templates and designs.
  2. Abduzeedo: Also known as ABDZ, Abduzeedo is a highly visual blog with a focus on 3D. It offers daily inspirational ideas in the design industry. It offers basic and stylish brand work. It also shares numerous articles about design, illustration, and UX.
  3. Google Design: With the help of this selection of case studies, technical updates, and articles put out by the Google Fonts team, you may learn more about typographic culture and find fonts for your upcoming project.
  4. Dribble: Designers of all kinds can showcase their most recent designs and get immediate feedback from other members of the community so that they can get inspired to do better or enhance their experience. You can use Dribble to both browse other people’s creative output for inspiration and to market your own work.
  5. Spotify: Most of us do not give visual design much thought, yet Spotify is a majorly visual brand and provides you with really informative articles and blogs about it. Its blog was solely dedicated to internal projects and learning how crucial it is to the platform’s success and how they approach it is enlightening.
  6. Canva Design School: It is well-known for its free online design classes, and they have an app so that you can practice design for free with various templates, illustrations, and other text designs, but they have also recently launched a blog to serve and connect the creative community. You’ll find a plethora of inspiration here, from tips on graphics designing book covers to templates for your own blog or website. All in one spot, you can learn from professional graphic designers or connect with up-and-coming artists.
  7. Designer Daily: A developing collection of graphic design materials and inspiration. Mirko Humbert, a Swiss graphic and online designer who offers his opinions on design, tools, and suggestions for designers, beautiful objects, and more, runs Designer Daily, a blog for designers and web designers.
  8. Wix-High on Design: Wix’s creator has launched a design-focused blog. Graphic design bloggers have published tutorials, interviews with innovative artists, and informative blogs. If you are establishing a brand or want to improve an experience that will be helpful in the future, you can always go to High on Design to get guidance or read anything for free.
  9. AIGA-Eye on Design: The American Institute of Graphic Arts, also known as AIGA, has its own blog. They offer high-quality information on graphic designers and their work. With contributions from all around the world, you may learn about the intricacies of design and how they overcome their anxieties and failures. AIGA assists you in becoming the best in the creative industry.
  10. Dezzen: Posters, branding, typography, pattern-making, logos, and other graphic design work from across the world. Dezeen is the world’s most popular and influential design, interior design, and lifestyle magazine, which provides great insights about design in their magazine. The main aim is simple: to bring you a carefully curated selection of the world’s top architectural, design, and interior projects, as well as news from around the world.

Career Prospective

Graphic design is a pretty broad area to learn about. Before investing money in graphic design, one should be certain that one wants to pursue a career in the field. Because inspiration and motivation are crucial in the creative industries, your first role will be as a junior graphic designer. As a graphic designer and member of the creative industry, your work is always developing and improving.

There will be countless changes in trends and design, so one must be versatile and ready to learn whenever new challenges arise.

It is all about versatility in the creative sector; you may learn about motion graphics, artwork, writing, editing, and so on. Because all of the fields are inherently related in some manner, missing a step in the middle will prevent you from achieving your goal.


Design changes day by day and with new trends in the creative business. You must continually strive to improve, generate new ideas, be willing to learn, and accept new tasks. As your work profile evolves, so will your duties and learning. As previously said, blogs may vary in the near future based on time and contributions. You must continually strive to improve, generate new ideas, be willing to learn, and take on additional duties. As your work profile expands, so will your duties and learning opportunities.

The blogs listed above are some of the top graphic design blogs, but there are hundreds of thousands more that have been made and are being created every day, that are giving you inspiration and drive to do better.

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