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The picture to Text Converter: The scientific term for image reading software is called OCR which means Optical Character Recognition. That might have gone over your heads lets try to explain the topic more simply. Imagine them as very intelligent scanners. Because that’s what they are they scan the image and then convert the image to text. Online OCR has a database containing a lot of characters in various written languages.

How do they read the text?

Easy, they try to read all the black spots on a document or file and match that character with the database. After they recognize the character, they simply print it in a word or pdf file. It is a fast process only taking a few seconds for a file page.


Well, people use them for various purposes. They could range from documentation to distribution. Some are even used to check for counterfeiting. So yeah, they are very useful in recording old documents for a digital database. Moreover, some teachers or students might use them for distributing quizzes in a digital classroom that are prepared by hand. Some might even try to check counterfeit scripts or other materials. 

So, are they online only?

OCR is present in both ocr online form and offline form depending on the preferred software they have different capacities of functions. Some offer correction to work. Some are just plain images to text converters. Some take many varieties of images maybe even jpg to word making life very easy for students with large assignment loads.

Are there any hidden uses? There is one use that is very good for tourists. As mentioned before picture to text converter can act like translation software. They can take simple images of road signs or other warnings from foreign languages and convert them to a text language that the user can easily read. That’s why some big companies use them in their GPS and location services.


Well, its simple usage steps are as follows:

  • Take a clear picture of the thing you want to use a picture to text converter on
  • Wait for the program to recognize the images and select the language
  • Read the text file the software gives you for any mistakes.

But what about when it doesn’t work fine?  Some languages have words or characters that when written resemble characters from other languages so that’s why you need to specify the preferred conversion language in the above-mentioned steps.

So, what to do when the converter gets it wrong. The thing is don’t worry try out a new one. There are many pictures to text converters that are free for use on the internet. To read your image at least one of them had enough capacity.

And If it keeps bugging it doesn’t register?

If nothing works try to use a clearer image or another copy or try to get your hands-on paid converters that usually are more powerful than free versions.

Just be careful when it comes to translation. After you use these steps be careful some image to text converters are not well integrated or have a very limited database. This makes them functionally weak to other more advanced models. So, taking translations from these types of image converters might lead to some accidents or mishaps. So do try to use the pic to text converter along with someone that knows both the language on the image and the language in the text and can spot any mistakes.

Top 3 converters:

Well for use the top three image to text converter are listed below

  1. Branah
  2. Prepost SEO
  3. MyFreeocr



It is one of the simplest looking online text converters with simple options for quick report submitting or simple image conversions. It is, however, a fast-online converter with no issues with the quality of the work. The advanced features like spell check or other more useful reporting software are not integrated into the web page. A very simple tool having no word limit and quite user friendly.

Prepost Seo:


This is one of the more advanced featured websites on the internet with many good features. Also, the website is colorful with many informatics paragraphs that enable users to get a proper understanding of the working software. It is free with many types of output data types to choose from. It can convert image text to either pdf or word files very easily.


Myfreeocr is another online image to text converter that is simple to use. But it’s a free online OCR with an advanced mode that you can access when we want more modifications to the document. This makes it a versatile website that is easy to understand for both advanced users and novices. This makes a great website to use for people trying this out for the first time.


It is very beneficial for people who know how to properly use the delicate features. But what it all comes down to is that do you need to use the image to text converter for a project or would it be easier to type it out. People who need to use the converters are ones with good handwriting and very good quality pictures. Otherwise, the software won’t work as well.


Well to top it all off just remember these points the online images to text converters aren’t perfect they might fail they might work. It all depends on the clarity of the image and the language they are in. if it’s in a script not known to the converter it won’t read it. Be very careful and try to use the best quality pictures from the right angles to make it easier for the software to recognize the text so that it can help you out with your work.

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