In the world where e-games are well-known and played worldwide, many people have chosen to have cloud gaming services as their way of earning a living and have become well known in the gaming society and ( can give you details about it. Cloud gaming is one of the most innovative and significant developments that has happened in the field of online gaming. Through cloud gaming, people now have the incentive of better gaming experience without buying expensive parts to build up a hard-core gaming PC. So far, let’s know more about cloud gaming, the services given to you, and about the companies that provide such services.


With the availability of cloud gaming, it is no longer mandatory for you to buy hardware in order to improve your gaming experience. All that you need now is a high-speed internet connection. The higher speed you get, the better and smoother gaming experience you will evidence. The processing takes place in the “cloud.” The “cloud” here refers to a remote data center with lots of interlinked servers in it.

Cloud gaming is not limited to any device, and one can use it on any gadget like phone, tablet, laptop, MacBook, Smart TV, and PC. Instead of buying hardware, all you need is a monthly subscription for accessing cloud gaming services on any of your devices.  

Let’s have a look at some of the present best cloud gaming services providers.

Best 5 Cloud Gaming Services Providers 

1. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is one of the oldest cloud gaming service providers, giving access to all the games of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and maybe soon PlayStation 5 games could keep adding on to it. Its subscription has to be purchased, but compared to other service providers, its fees are less. It has many multi-platform games such as Red Dead Redemption, Fallout 4, and many more.

Every one PlayStation Now brings out new games that keep the adventure ongoing. It offers a quality of 720p and only requires a speed of 5 Mbps to support your games. The essential requirement that it has is, you should at least have a core i3 processor or higher and 2 GB of RAM, which is accessible on most of the PC that is in the market.

2. Shadow Gaming Services  

Shadow is a French-based company that offers its service through its app and a tiny set-top box known as “the Shadow Ghost.” It is up to you what you choose though it’s monthly subscription fees are high, but it makes up for the fees charged by offering 4k streaming in ultra-high definition and can efficiently run at a minimum speed of 5 Mbps. 

Shadow provides updates whenever required to keep up with the PC system and uses a dedicated GPU to give load less on the whole processing system, which makes your gaming experience smoother and lag-free. Not only does it give you a better gaming option, but it also allows you to exchange files and folders with the people you know.

3. GeForce Now

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service developed and used by Nvidia, and it utilizes ultra-streaming for reducing latency and non-interruption. After purchasing the monthly subscription, a single account provides 50 or more games. Also, it allows you to access your existing library of games on Steam, Origin, and other digital delivery platforms for PC, Mac, Shield portable, and TV. 

GeForce allows you to stream up to a quality of 4k at 120fps if your internet connection can provide you a speed of 50 Mbps or higher and more titles keep on regularly adding so that you never run out of options. GeForce also supports Xbox One controller, Xbox 360 controller, DualShock 4, and Logitech Gamepad F310, F510, and F710, but it supports voice chat only on PC and Mac. 

4. Google Stadia

Launched in November 2019, as the name says Stadia is developed and owned by Google Corp., it allows you to stream at the quality of 4k resolution at 60fps, and the games are accessible through any PC, android browser, Google Chrome web browser, Chrome OS, and Chromecast. 

For playing games in Stadia, you don’t have to buy any monthly subscription, instead of that you have to buy the particular game that you want to play. It sounds to be more expensive than other cloud gaming service providers, but this assumption is not right as when you buy a monthly subscription, you get a package of the free game, but you don’t play all of them, now do you? 

Buying an original game and having access to play that on any of your devices is a good deal. Even the Stadia controller can be used on any other gaming platform as a standard HID controller.

5. Project Xcloud

Developed by Microsoft, Project Xcloud is one of the most popular gaming platforms for your smartphone and tablets though it is in its preview stage, and the company will launch it in 2021. It offers more than 50 free cloud games like Devil May Cry 5, Takken 7, and Gears 5, for playing these games all you need to have is a Microsoft account, Xbox Game Streaming App, and an Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth compatible with your phone. As for internet connection, it requires a minimum speed of 10 Mbps or 5 GHz Wi-Fi, one its key feature is that you turn off your current screen and can start playing on a different screen from the same point at which you left.

Without any doubt, cloud gaming is the future of gaming online. This technology is in its development stage, so as of now, we can’t determine the best cloud gaming service provider because every service provider has some drawbacks be that the high fees charged, incompatibility with some devices, or unavailability in your region. With advancing technology maybe soon we would get the best cloud gaming service provider, till that day we should improve our gaming skills as they are the deciding factor when competing in online games.

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