Chic Additions

It can often feel as though, as soon as you have saved enough money to renovate and/or redecorate with Chic Additions to one room of your home, the one next to it starts to look shabby and drab and the process starts all over again.
This is, unfortunately (or fortunately, if you are somewhat of a budding interior designer) part and parcel of running, owning, and maintaining a home. However, there is absolutely no reason not to access your luxe and bougie side, and if this sounds like an idea that you are interested in, do continue reading.

Here are six impressively chic additions to your home’s aesthetic appearance.

1. Modern Kitchen Hardware

First and foremost, and with the kitchen being the most often-used room of the home, it is necessary to balance innovative design and décor with a strong sense of functionality.
This is why you should contact the established and knowledgeable experts at, who are on hand to not only showcase the stylish and affordable kitchen suites on offer but also answer any questions you have regarding any part of the installation process. Look for detailing (especially for elements such as taps on the bathroom sink and handles for the kitchen cupboards, made from brass or brass-effect materials) to add a sprinkle of metallic hues to the room.

2. Wall Moldings

Undeniably, the addition of wall moldings where the wall meets the ceiling is a surefire way to convey a more sophisticated aesthetic to the design of a room, so whether you call in an expert or have a go yourself, consider such detailing in the living room, the dining room, and your master bedroom.

It would pay to be careful as to the depth of intricacy you select for these moldings and as a general rule, older and period buildings deserve a more vintage design, whereas smaller and more modern apartments need a simpler and sleeker finish. Additionally, just in case you were thinking of being too outlandish with the new moldings, make sure that the color matches that of the ceiling and the walls.

3. A Beautiful Vintage Rug

The third suggestion to inject a layer of chic sophistication into your home, in particular the entrance or hallway, is to take yourself for a tour around charity and second-hand shops to find a glorious, oversized, ethnically printed rug. You could, of course, look online for such a rug, but you will certainly benefit from a vintage or vintage-inspired design, which will be both significantly cheaper and much more unique. 

Once you bring your second-hand rug home, take a steam cleaner to it and hang it to dry naturally on the washing line, to both remove any stubborn debris and dust and to give it a renewed fresh scent.

4. Indoor Greenery

There are a surprising number of impressive benefits to be gained by adding different sizes and shapes of indoor plants into your home, including the simple fact the air inside each room will be fresher and cleaner, which will bring an increased feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Different types of plants suit different environments, so use the following as a simple guide for ideas for plants that will thrive and grow to their full potential in the main rooms of your home:

  • The kitchen: peace lily, spider plant, English ivy, rosemary, and asparagus fern 
  • The downstairs toilet: ZZ plant, cast iron plant, Boston fern, sword fern, and pohtos 
  • The conservatory: cacti, elephant pipe, plumbago, succulents, and bird of paradise
  • The living room: air plant, rubber plant, anthurium, fiddle-leaf fig, and English ivy
  • The dining room: umbrella plant, begonia, snake plant, bird of paradise, and jade plant
  • The bedroom: aloe vera, monstera, peace lily, pohtos, and rubber plant 
  • The office: Money Plant, Lucky Bamboo, Snake Plant, Weeping Fig & Jade Plant

5. Large and Ornate Mirrors

The fifth suggestion in this article is one that you probably already utilize, to some extent, in your interior living spaces; but perhaps a feng shui-style refresh is needed all the same. Aside from the windows, mirrors are by far the best means of maximizing the volume of natural light in each room, and the strategic placement of a large, long, and ornate wall mirror can make a huge difference to the feel and ambiance of a space. 

These days, some mirrors—especially those that can be mounted on a wall—can be extortionate in price, so save yourself a considerable amount of time and money by heading straight to your nearest charity shop and sourcing the largest, cleanest, and prettiest wall mirror you can find. Moreover, make sure (should you choose to hang such a mirror) that you regularly and thoroughly clean the glass, as a mucky mirror covered in fingerprints and dust is hardly what you would call chic.

6. Faux Built-In Cabinets and Wardrobes

If you are someone who enjoys (even if you have zero intention of moving) taking tours around open houses and showrooms, more often than not the wardrobes on the upper floor will be, or at least appear to be, built-in and customized to fit that exact space. 
Now, you may have the budget to invest in genuine, bespoke wardrobes and/or kitchen cabinets, but if not, then there is one creative and relatively simple way of creating this chic, sleek look without breaking the bank. The classic Billy Bookcase-style storage units are plain white, wooden, or black, and come with five separate squares in the style of a bookcase. If you purchase four or more in one go (have fun with the flat packing) and line them up exactly next to each other, then push them back to the farthest side of the room as you enter, you effectively create the same appearance. 

Once installed, you can naturally fill each block with books (and even color-coordinate them if you like), or instead use the space for not so much storage, but to showcase any collections you may have, be those ornaments, vinyl figures, paperweights, or anything else that you like to collect.

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