How To Troubleshoot Arlo Camera Motion Detection Not Working

Amongst all the extraordinary feature, Arlo Motion Detection feature is something which often excites users to choose ‘Arlo’ as their all-in-one home security system. Won’t you like to receive notifications every time when your camera detects a motion? It gives you an instant notification to watch what’s happening around the premise. With a single tap of a button, you can access the live footage of your camera. Even though sometimes, this feature stops working due to some errors. Until you find and fix those errors, you can not get rid of them.

To help you with it, we have presented this article where we have illustrated every possible reason that can cause Arlo not detecting motion’ issue and the best methods to fix them. Alternatively, you can connect with the service team of Arlo which is 24/7 available to help their valuable customers. You can connect with them through the call, email, and chat.

What can cause an Arlo motion detection issue?

Before troubleshooting the issue, it is essential to know the possible reasons behind it. We have listed down some possible reasons that can cause this issue.

  1. Due to outdated firmware:- An outdated firmware can prevent it to function properly. To get rid of this, check if the firmware is latest or not. If it is not then updated it.
  2. Sluggish internet connection:- A slow internet speed can also cause this issue. To have a smooth functioning of your camera, make sure you have a fast internet connection.
  3. The configuration of motion detection issue:- Check if you have properly configured and enabled motion detection setting or not.  
  4. Due to the camera point angle:- Positioning of a camera is much important when it comes to Arlo motion detection not working
  5. Due to monitoring software:- Monitoring software plays an important role in motion capture and motion alert triggers. Any technical bug in the software can lead to Arlo camera not detecting motion not working issue. Therefore, check if the software is properly working or not.

All these reasons can somewhere be behind this issue. You can also perform some common troubleshooting to get rid of it. To know more, read the guide given below.

Common troubleshooting to resolve motion detection Issue

Check Ethernet cable:-  Connectivity of Ethernet cable is much important, and hence, it should be properly plugged in the correct port inside both router’s and base station’s end.

Reboot your base station:Power cycle your base station and check if the issue has been fixed or not. To do this, plug out the power adapter from the outlet and reconnect it. Now, check if the power LED blinks to solid green or not.

Check ports 443 and 80:- Check if both these ports are open on your router or not?

Reset Arlo base station:– If none of these methods work, then reset your base station and get this issue fixed.

If nothing goes right and you can’t troubleshoot it then you should connect with the service team of Arlo which is 24/7 available. Be it a technical or non-technical issue, they help you with everything related to Arlo pro not detecting motion. You can contact them through both email and toll-free number. For a hassle-free service, connect with the team now.

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