Top 10 Best B2B Software Review Sites

Do you think B2B software reviews are playing a vital role in the buying choices of clients? If yes, then you are right because all kind of software industries are being affected by their online reviews available at various B2B software review providers.

Moreover, recent research conducted by Software Advice discloses that more than 75% of buyers prefer to consult online reviews before making a buying decision.

Like customer to business reviews, B2B software review sites assist the buyers in a very accurate manner to help them in the purchase process of a suitable product and service.

Similarly, third-party reviewers add their efforts in the provision of unbiased reviews of all listed companies. So, if you are looking for renown and reliable B2B software reviewing sites then read this article thoroughly.

Here is the Top 10 Best B2B Software Review websites

1. Capterra

Software Review Sites
Capterra was founded in 1999 by Michael Ortner. The primary aim of the website is the delivery of right business solutions to diverse kind of businesses. In 2008, it became the first website that was offering user reviews regarding a variety of business software.

Capterra has published more than 500 thousand ratified reviews about more than 300 software categories. It uses validated user responses and conducts independent research in the collection of data for every review.

2. G2 Crowd

B2B Software Review Sites
G2 Crowd was launched in 2012 as peer-to-peer business software reviewer. With the aim to empowering the buying decisions of business, G2 Crowd took real steps and provided more 500,000 authorized user-reviews.

In the same token, G2 Crowd doesn’t only rely on the given information by members, but they also check each review manually and use different algorithm to spot any prejudice activity by any reviewer. However, to encourage the participants, the company offers reputation points, gift cards and other rewards too.

3. SoftwareSuggest

Best B2B Software Review Sites
SoftwareSuggest is another great reviewing site created by Ankit Dudhwewala. The site doesn’t only assist the viewers in the discovery of right software with verified reviews but also offers free consultation service for all kind of businesses to get the best software for their companies.

To allocate the ratings, SoftwareSuggest considers both users’ responses and their own research. On the other hand, each response is being manually checked by the site to increase the accuracy rate of reviews.


10 Best B2B Software Review Sites
With the slogan “Best Software Research Ends Here”, BigOfficer hit the B2B software reviewing industry with very ambitious, indubitable and innovative ideas. Although BigOfficer is a newbie but it is getting popular rapidly among businesses because it made the buying process very easy with the provision of authorized reviews of all size of software companies.

Especially, BigOfficer is allowing the small businesses to get access to the detailed reports of local software service providers and making them familiar with more consistent technology trends to take their companies to the next level.

5. FinancesOnline

b2b software review sites
FinancesOnline is a very trustworthy B2B and SaaS software review platform that combines the ratified opinions from real users and suggestions from technical experts.

It doesn’t mean the site is not conducting its research. The review site provides well-research descriptions, price details, advantages and drawbacks of a number of software products with a handy comparison tool.

6. GetApp

b2b review sites
GetApp is a Spain based B2B and SaaS review company that is well-known because of its reliable business software reviews.

In the beginning, GetApp entered in the review world with an aim to discover all descriptions of the software as a service (SaaS) products, but later, it also started its B2B software reviews on the demand of viewers. On the contrary, as it works under the supervision of Gartner, then there are few chances of error in the studies published by GetApp.

7. TrustRadius

best software review sites
If you are looking for a trusted review site for both buyers and merchants, then TrustRadius is the best place to visit. Therefore, whether you are business and looking for a ratified review to make your buying process easy or a vendor and want to improve your sales, TrustRadius is a right platform.

However, as compared to other B2B software review directories, the content quantity of TrustRadius doesn’t exceed from 400 words without any compromise on quality. In addition, to increase the authenticity of each review, the comment is being approved by the research team of TrustRadius.

8. Software Advice

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Software Advice, a Gartner company, claims to facilitate software research with thorough reviews. It covers more than 390 software guides for its readers. The company was founded in 2005 by Don Fornes. The unique service that makes the company unique as compared to competitors is telephonic consultation.

Yes, Software Advice offers software demos and comprehensive discussions to buyers to clear all of their doubts regarding the features, pros and disadvantages of various software products.

9. GoodFirms

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GoodFirms is a fully developed review that claims to assist the buying process of more than 102,925 businesses with its official software descriptions. Similarly, GoodFirms helps the software and IT products’ vendors to increase their user engagement and brand awareness by displaying their attractive features here.

Critical research and the manual inspection of a single review makes the GoodFirms a reputed source to discover software matches. GoodFirms has conducted more than 600 analyses including surveys and interviews to share unbiased software feedbacks with its users. It also owns more than 9000 certified user reviews about 6000 software companies that are dealing globally.

10. TechnologyAdvice

Which are the best Software Review websites
TechnologyAdvice is the last but a trusted B2B software review platform that we are going to share with you. TechnologyAdvice assists the purchase process with the combination of both user-generated reviews and thorough analysis of software on behalf of market research that is conducted by its team.

However, like many other B2B software review websites, TechnologyAdvice is also offering quality services to vendors to increase their brand awareness among potential customers.


In brief, the core agenda of this article was to share more ratified B2B software review platforms with our readers to avoid the rough research over the internet to get a trusted review about any software product. Withal, if you have more ideas to get authentic B2B software reviews then share it with us.

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