Top 10 Cozy Living Room Wall Pictures Ideas

Living room is the focal point of the home where you entertain your guests; you have meals together with your family and spent most of the time in the living room. Living room is the centre of attraction of your home. Don’t leave the walls of your living room empty, fill them with beautiful wall pictures and make your small apartment look stylish. But, do not clutter them a lot as it will make your home look.

If you are worried about decorating your living room due to small space, then this guide will help you with great wall décor ideas. Few nice additions can make your small home look beautiful and trendy. Decorating the wall of your living room right way will make your small home look more attractive.

Take a look at inspirational wall decor ideas for your living room and add contemporary look to your home.

1. Modern Artwork

Use modern pictures for living room instead of big traditional artwork as these will look bulky and make your living room look more cluttered. Opt for several good modern art work frames, you can either arrange few small frames or can go for a big frame. The best idea is to fill empty wall of the living room with certain small art works. It will look elegant and trendy. Consider sleek size along with nice wooden or metal frame while purchasing a modern painting.

modern pictures for living room

2. Photographs

Hanging photographs of your friends and family is no doubt a good idea. You can purchase a good sized photo frame having several small frames in it. Upgrading your wall with a family photographs collage will bring a personal touch to your space. To give more effect, you can put pictures in series or in black and white effect. It is the best way to create memories for a lifetime. Just select some trendy pictures for living room from your collection and display it with the help of frames.

3. Large Canvas Painting

A large canvas wall art painting hanged on an empty wall of your living room will give an eye catching and astonishing effect. It will add more depth to the living room. Go for the biggest size of painting and hang it alone on the wall. An oversized painting will no doubt attract attention of everyone which will make your small space more modern. Placing a large piece of art right next to your doorway will catch the attention of your guests.

4. Design a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is the best way to display your collection of art, photographs or paintings. Hanging multiple works in a perfect arrangement will do wonders to your living room. You can use small frames of same size and hang them in one row or you can mix and match different frames. Make sure that you hang all frames on equal distance to bring symmetry in appearance. Use framed wall pictures for living room to make a gallery.

photographs or paintings for wall

5. Textured Wall

If you have one whole wall empty in your living room, you can go for some bold and bright texture on it. The wall will stand out and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. There is fascinating range of materials to choose from. You need to select perfect color, variation and material to make contrast with your living room furniture. Use of a radiant arrangement of tiles, shiny white marble tiles, bold patterns, wooden array of blocks, and 3D tiles will make your small living room looks more stylish and more charm to it.

6. Metal Wall Sculptures

Bring life to your empty wall of living room by adding wonderful metal wall sculptures. A piece of modern metal wall art or sculpture will give an impressive look to your living room. It will make your space more warm and welcoming. You can opt for some big geometric shaped piece to give an amazing look.

7. Hang Mirrors

Mirrors are known to be every designer’s favorite element while designing any space. Hanging mirrors in the living room will not only compliment your home décor, it will add more depth to your space while making a small space look larger. Mirrors reflect light which makes small space look brighter and spacious. The same rule applies to mirrors as well either you can hang one oversized large mirror or can go for several framed small mirrors to make your living room more modern.

	living room wall decor

8. Add Plants

Adding mini plants in your living room is a great idea for decorating the space naturally. Adding small planters is a beautiful way of decorating a living room and inducing nature into your home. You can try hanging mini plants in a wooden frame. There are numerous options available in market for hanging plants with the help of shelves and frames. Just pick some lovely colorful planters in different shapes and place them in a fascinating arrangement.

9. Wood Wall Art

Wood wall art is an awesome form of art that has been liked by everyone since long back. Adding wooden pieces of art in your living room will be an artistic idea. A selection of good wooden vintage clock is the perfect way to make your living room charming. Try some eye catching designs of wooden wall art for your living room. Do not buy common styles as now days there are a huge variety of wall art décor items. You can try picking some abstract designs or geometric designs to give a more elegant look to your living room.

10. Decoration Objects

Apart from wall paintings, mirrors and wallpapers, displaying unique objects on a blank wall is a great way of decorating your living room. Imagine a wall of your living room covered with offbeat and different objects such as an elephant face styled exclusively, painted with bright colors and finished with some accessories. Undoubtedly, it will become a focal point of your living room. Choosing tribal or vintage pieces is also a good idea. Personalize your wall with handmade objects or home accessories.

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