Things To Know Before Purchasing Web Hosting For WP Blog

Starting a blog has become very simple; within a few clicks, a WordPress blog gets created. Blogging is the most popular option for earning money from home or from anywhere. Because every day, billions of users use the internet on their smartphones and computers.

A business can get many clients from the internet through a blog. It increases the reach of every business and individuals. It became the best source of getting customers online without wandering in the sunlight like they used to do. Through blogs, anyone can start generating a good income from home or doing part-time.

However, from the millions blog, only a few of them gets popular and generate good income. It is because the competition on the internet is very high. Those blogs which are weak and don’t provide value to users get fail.
For making a blog successful, web hosting should be the best and powerful. Web hosting is responsible for the overall success of the blog. If the web hosting will be insufficient to handle traffic, then the doom of blog is near. The other problem with cheap hosting is that it make the blog load slower to users, and it gives bad user experience. Then there is the least chance of returning of that user.

It is a widespread mistake which everyone makes in their beginning period. So, before creating a WordPress blog, web hosting should be best. Here I am going to share things to know before purchasing a web hosting and how to choose the best one.

Things To Know Before Purchasing Web Hosting

Before purchasing web hosting, it is essential to look for a few things that make the web hosting best. There are hundreds of web hosting available. But only a few of them are of the best kind. So it is tough to find, but searching for these features in web hosting makes it easy.

1. Bandwidth Limit

For running a successful blog, you need traffic, and for holding traffic, the blog needs bandwidth. If the bandwidth is less, then the server will be unable to handle massive traffic. Due to low bandwidth, the blog will go down frequently and will be unavailable most of the time.

So to keep the blog running sufficient healthy amount of bandwidth should be there in a hosting plan.

2. Storage Space(Disk Space)

Storage space is where all the data gets stored in the server. The storage space is needed to store blog data, and there should be sufficient space. If space gets full, then the blog will start getting slow just like our smartphone when space is getting full.

The slow speed will result in a lousy performance, and users will get irritated with slow loading. So the storage space should be sufficient for your blog.

3. Security

For keeping your blog safe from intruders and hackers, an advanced security system must there. Web hosting should have an advanced security system to deal with all kind of problems. Otherwise, hackers will get into your system and will get all the private information.

4. Active Support

It is very likely to happen that you will come across a problem in web hosting. The problem may be server setting error or domains in not activating then you need to contact the support team of that web hosting. The support team should be able to solve the problem, and they must get to you in a few minutes.

It will be very frustrating when they will make you wait for long to get in touch. So the support service should be best, and it should be available in different languages.

5. Server Uptime

Server uptime is the most important thing to look at. Server uptime is a ratio of how much time the server is online and what percent of chances are of going down. So if the server uptime will be less than 90%, then the server will have a chance of going down for a few times.

For getting success, the blog should close never to go down. The percent should be 99.99% for best web hosting.

6. Page Loading Time

Before purchasing the web hosting the page loading time should be checked. The page loading time should be as low as possible. It should be in milliseconds. If the loading time is more than 1 second, then the blog will be slow. It will take a few seconds to load the blog pages and that much time is enough for losing users.

7. Daily Backups

Creating a backup of your blog is crucial as you don’t know when anything will happen to the blog. May some code gets corrupted and generate errors at that time backup will restore the blog to its previous version. Select web hosting, which offers daily automatic backups.

Now, you know which features to look in the best web hosting for your WordPress blog. However, still, it will take time to search all the web hosting and find the best among them. It is very time-consuming so to save your time we have recommended the best web hosting to start.


A combination of both expensive services and affordable price. Cloudways is one of a kind, and it is the only web hosting which provides extreme services in the price of cheap hosting Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting, and it gives you five cloud options. The cloud service is compelling and best for handling massive traffic.

The speed of the cloud server gets boosted with the use of SSD drives. It is the fastest drives which are implemented by high-end servers. Along with the best services, they offer many free features to help the beginners to start with a boost.

Cloudways comes in different plans suitable for different types of blogs. For beginners, the basic plan is sufficient for running the blog. When the requirement of the blog increases, then you can smoothly go with the higher plans.

The Basic Plan Includes
● 1TB bandwidth
● 25GB SSD storage space
● Free SSL
● Free site migration
● Free daily backups
● Free WordPress cache plugin
● Easy WordPress install
● Dedicated firewalls
● 2-factor authentication

Final Words

Starting with the best service is crucial for getting the desired results than getting no result in cheap services. The services may seem expensive for beginners due to lack of big budget. For them, Cloudways is providing all those premium services in their budget. We have been using Cloudways for years and got excellent results. So we recommend you too to check it out.

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