Review On Masala Monk’s Karonda Chilli Pickle

India is known as the land of spices and the hundreds of flavours that are served every day in our homes. However, some of them are worthy of appreciation from the world and even the world deserves a fair chance to taste the delicacy from the experienced hands of a chef of the classic Indian family. One such great recipe is brought by one of the fans of these spices and here we are talking about the Karonda Chilli pickle.

Yes, the Karonda Pickle made from a seasonal fruit with the unconditional love of a mother for her family. And the great taste is made available to the world by her son. Well, I am a fan of the kinds of flavours available in the country and that is why I opted to try out the Karonda Chilli Pickle by Masala Monk.

Know Your Karonda

Since the name suggests that there are two major ingredients of the pickle, let me help you know a bit of them. While green chillis serve the purpose of adding the optimum levels of spice in the food throughout the year, Karonda, on the other hand, is a seasonal fruit available majorly in the monsoon season.

Karonda or Natal plum is a fruit of the size of an average berry but doesn’t taste as sweet as most of them. They are sour to taste and are to be plucked from the thorny bushes. They are generally seen in white and pinkish shades and if they are available in red or purplish shades it indicates that they have ripened.

However, to prepare the Karonda & Chilli Pickle, the former is to be picked when they are small and just hues of pink are touching them. The ones picked at this stage provide a great taste and have a longer shelf life too.

In India, they are mainly found in the tropical and subtropical regions of the country. Additionally from providing an unforgettable taste, they also have several medicinal properties for health.

The Karonda is proven to be helpful in curing ear infections, anaemia, diarrhoea, fever, skin problems and even fungal infections. So, I guess that gives quite a motivation to try this pickle made out of seasonal fruit but everlasting benefits.

The Jar Of Karonda Chilli Pickle

Given the amazing benefits and taste of this pickle along with pure homemade preparation, I couldn’t resist and ordered a jar of the Karonda Chilli Pickle from the website of Masala Monk. The price may seem over the edge for some but I was about to find out if it was worth it.

However, before that could happen I had to wait for a period of two weeks. The website link explained that since the pickle is prepared in small batches to meet the quality bar set by it, it takes 2 weeks for the product to be prepared and then delivered. That one statement was quite convincing to me so counted the days of its delivery backwards.

And finally, my order was delivered. To my surprise, the delivery packet was quite intact like it has been packed yesterday. Even the glass jar inside of it filled with 225 grams of Karonda Chilli Pickle was properly wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure it is not damaged during the transit. Well, I was happy to see the aim was achieved and the next step was to try this awaited pickle with my meal.

It was fantastic.
Yes, though I had never tasted this variety of pickles before, it tasted amazing. There was an appropriate amount of salt, oil, nicely softened Karonda and optimum levels of spice, everything just as expected.

The Ingredients Of The Karonda Chilli Pickle

Now that we have ordered and tasted this delicious Karonda Chilli Pickle, its time I share what I found about its recipe as well. It took some time and patience but found out all about the preparation of this pickle. So, the jar of roughly 200 grams of pickle is prepared using:

1.       Karonda / Natal plum

2.       Mustard oil

3.       Chillies

4.       Fenugreek seeds

5.       Fennel seeds

6.       Nigella seeds

7.       Mustard

8.       Asafoetida

9.       Red chilli powder

10.   Jaggery

11.   Salt

I am sure many of you must have heard of these ingredients before as a part of one recipe or the other. But I was startled to realize how appropriate mixtures of these commonly available items can produce something of this quality and great taste.

The jar of this Karonda Chilli Pickle has the shelf life of about 6 months and since it is prepared freshly with natural food items, it can last even longer when preserved nicely. Although, given the taste and popularity of this fruit among the people, I really doubt that. I hope you found everything that you were looking for in this review of Karonda Chilli Pickle and don’t hesitate to share your experience with me.

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