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Proper Sandal TLC: Australia is the only country that happens to be a continent. It is famous for its sail-shaped Sydney Opera House and the symmetrical Harbour Bridge. It is also world-renowned for its unique biodiversity with animals like wallabies, kangaroos, koalas, platypuses, Tasmanian devils, and the like. Citizens of the Land Down Under are known for their casual and laid back lifestyle enjoying barbies (bbq), beer, surfing, and beaches. It is common to see them walking around wearing sandals.

If you happen to have an extensive collection of sandals in Australia, then you know how important it is to maintain them. Proper care is crucial to ensure they remain beautiful and stench free. Because these sandals bear the brunt of your weight and literally touch the earth you step on, they deserve your TLC to ensure they remain clean. When you wear them with bare feet when it’s hot, your feet are guaranteed to sweat. As such, picking up a distinct smell after wearing them is a potential hazard. Here are some things you can do to ward off those unpalatable odours:

Do Regular Cleaning

Conduct preventive maintenance to avoid any damage like steering clear of puddles and using the right protective sprays on the materials. Follow the care instruction from the manufacturer to ensure your sandals are squeaky clean. If you don’t do regular cleaning, the dirt, grime, and bacteria will pile up, causing the dreaded stench. Do regular alcohol wipes on the footbed to maintain proper hygiene. Don’t forget to use a brush to remove dirt from the straps, too. After cleaning your sandals, air it out to dry, and you’ll notice they will smell better.

Try a Fabric Softener

If you’ve done regular cleaning and air drying, but you think the smell is still there, try the fabric softener technique. All you have to do is place a sheet of fabric softener in the sandals’ soles. After, you place them inside a plastic bag and tie them close. All you have to do next is let them all “chill” overnight. The following morning, you’ll notice that your sandals in Australia will have absorbed the nice scent of the fabric softener sheet.

Use Baby Powder

Mild baby powder is another miracle worker because it will help get rid of unwanted sandal odours. Sprinkle a bit of powder on your clean sandal footbeds. This powder will absorb any excess moisture. The fresh scent of the powder will also refresh your sandals. After letting it sit for half an hour, just dust it off outside to get rid of any excess powder.

Rely on Essential Oils

Another way to get rid of sandal odour is to use essential oils. After cleaning your sandals and airing them to dry, use a drop or two of oils like sandalwood and cedarwood. These essential oils are touted for naturally eliminating the bad smell. Place the drops directly into the soles of the sandals so they will smell fresh and clean.

Rotate the Sandals

You have to make it a point to rotate your footwear. Although you have a favorite pair of sandals, you have to give them a rest. Wearing them every single day will lead to unwanted and unpleasant scents. When you rotate your shoes, you can give your sandals a break, allowing them to air out. This practice will not only make them smell better, but it will ensure your sandal lasts for a long time because you give it a break from the sweat of your feet and the pressure of carrying your whole body.

Final Word So you can avoid any odours, preventive, and routine sandal care is a must. These get rid of grime and germs that cause the foul smell you hate. And of course, above all else, you have to make sure your feet are clean when you use your sandals.

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