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Facts About Penetration Testing and Its Importance to Every Business

penetration testing

Penetration Testing: Technology continuously evolves at a swift pace as well as the relevant security threats. However, were the tech firms able to find these new threats? Is the penetration testing updated too?

How are security testing methods? Are they using the latest tools and procedures to resolve the incessant change? Only the penetration testing providers can answer all these current issues.

The Definition

When you mention penetration testing, it is not similar to vulnerability scanning. The latter is the process of determining, categorizing, and recording vulnerabilities. On the other hand, the former is performed to infiltrate security protocols and system features.

This process is a legal and effective form of security assessment of an IT system by thoroughly conducting tests to exploit the operating system’s issues, service errors, misconfigurations, and more. These tests validate the effectiveness of the security systems and compliance of end-users to the protocols.

External penetration testing involves an assessor trying to access the internal network by exploiting vulnerabilities found on the external elements. This leads to the disruption of business operations, illegally gathering sensitive data, and sabotaging any pertinent information.

As for the internal penetration testing, this involves someone with internal access to the system. A typical case is when a rogue staff is trying to access unauthorized essential information.

This process can assess the potential damage done by the attacker when a staff accidentally accesses the attached file on a phishing electronic mail or if someone unknowingly plugged their device into the firm’s network.


Proper Monitoring

It is the IT division’s job to perform the overall audit on the compliance protocols and present the testing requirements set by government agencies. The comprehensive reports generated by the penetration testing help the firm avoid considerable amounts of penalties for failure to comply and is a good opportunity to show the evaluators its strict adherence by keeping the necessary security protocols to auditors.

Fast Detection of Potential Threats

The pen test can gauge the firm’s capability to protect its networks, applications, and other elements from the attempts of unauthorized access. The testing result will validate the threat that came from security issues like faulty procedures, letting the IT professionals quickly resolve the problems. Companies can easily foresee security threats and circumvent illegal access to sensitive data and systems by performing consistent penetration testing.

Avoid Network Issues

Recovering from a serious security breach is costly. The entire process consists of IT restoration programs, legal efforts, client protection, limited generated revenues, unproductive staff, and demoralized business associates.

All these can be avoided through regular penetration testing and prevent opportunity loss. Early detection of threats or breaches saves everyone the trouble of dealing with the aftermath.

Maintain Customer Satisfaction

All clients don’t want their personal information to be compromised. They willingly provide these data thinking that the firm would safeguard it. When a breach happens, issues such as annoying emails or calls or direct messages can be sent to the clients coming from unknown sources.

The intruder may have gotten all sensitive data and have used it for marketing purposes. A regular pen test is an excellent form of guaranteeing the clients that their info is safe, and the company keeps its integrity that it will protect their welfare at all costs. The penetration testing can be implemented during modification in the firm’s network infrastructure. Reliable pen test providers can efficiently inspect the network for vulnerabilities or data breaches that hackers can utilize to cause havoc to the company.

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