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8 Best Free Chrome VPN Extensions Still Work in 2022

8 Best Free Chrome VPN Extensions Still Work

To avoid geo-blocking restrictions, the use of virtual private networks or VPNs have increased a lot in the last few years. These VPN extensions are equally crucial for internet users, employees, and IT experts. However, the majority of VPN extensions prefer to install a free Chrome VPN extension at their Chrome browsers. That’s why we are going to share the list of the best and free VPN extensions for Chrome users here. Withal, after reading the article thoroughly, you should choose the right VPN according to your needs.


If you are looking to unblock restricted sites without affecting the browsing speed at Chrome, then the use of the DotVPN extension is the best for you. Though it is available to install for other browsers as well the browsing results with Chrome are outstanding. So, either you are going to perform your professional tasks or going to stream the Netflix, you can get secure your browsing and enjoy the benefits of online privacy.

Howbeit, the free version is offering several exciting features, but you can also explore more functions with its premium version that costs $2.99 per month.


Mayhap you are familiar with this VPN or have already taken its VPN service for your browser but must be aware that TunnelBear claims to secure your data and privacy while using public Wi-Fi. It is effortless to use and install. Moreover, with one click you can redirect your proxy location from one country to another. Yes, for sure, it connects you to the servers of 20 plus different countries of the world free of cost.

With the ability to encrypt all your browsing traffic, it allows its users to experience fast browsing with fewer ads and blocking issues. Due to excellent proxy service, the users of TunnelBear have crossed from 20 million.

ZenMate VPN

Probably, many of you would say that ZenMate isn’t a free VPN, but with near about 5 server locations, it offers free service to its registered users. However, in the first seven days of registration, you can also enjoy the premium service of this high-quality VPN extension for Chrome. Another benefit of using the ZenMate VPN extension is the additional security features. Yes, you don’t need to install other extensions of WebRTC and NATfirewall if you are using the ZenMate free or premium version.

Setup VPN

With WebRTC Leak Shield, the use of Setup VPN is just like the use of a premium proxy. I have personally used this Chrome Extension, and I experienced very fast browsing with several virtual locations. As 901,453 users already installed this VPN in their Chrome, then you really don’t need to worry about reading the reviews. Just install this Chrome VPN extension today and enjoy the protective streaming and unblock your favorite sites.


To safeguard all of your online activity, ISPs, and hackers’ attack, Windscribe is the best free Chrome extension. With the help of the exclusive VPN extension, you can easily switch the servers without interrupting the browsing speed. Though it is based in Canada it protects the Wi-Fi connections while browsing Chrome.

Hotspot Shield

If you have fad up of the registration process at free Chrome VPN extensions, then Hotspot Shield is the best option where you don’t need to do signup before using the VPN service. Indeed, Hotspot Shield has great customers’ trust because it is in VPN business for decades, so you really don’t need to explore its reviews and its credibility.

You can download this VPN from their official site from here.


Again, if you are not willing to create an account to get a VPN service, then Betternet is one of the most reliable options. The interface is also very convenient to use so either you have used a VPN extension before or not Betternet will give you an equal chance to enjoy its well-protected browsing and features.

Here, you just need to connect with a VPN in one click and can select any location of your choice. Yes, it is entirely free with a file size of 1.53MiB.


Most internet users have the first demand to get a superfast but lightweight Chrome VPN extension for Chrome and its NordVPN, which has the ability to fulfill their requirements. After having registration at NordVPN, the further process is quite easy, and you can connect to any of your desire server locations quickly. Unluckily, the free version is only available for the first month with premium features.

In short, the primary purpose of writing this article to share the best but free Google Chrome VPN extensions with our readers. Hopefully, with the use of above VPN extensions, you will explore the web with proper online privacy and security. However, you have experienced any of the above VPNs or proxies then don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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