Top 4 Attractions Must Experience In Kumarakom

A fascinating destination that is perfect to explore for a vacation is Kumarakom which is located in the one must visit state Kerala as the enchanting beauty is worth of exploring at least once in a lifetime.
The God’s own country is the feast for the eyes of the nature lovers and amazes people with the mind-blowing attractions. The heavenly state is the home of backwaters and Kumarakom is a village studded beautifully on the Vembanad Lake.

The boat houses and the backwaters along with a few more attractions are apt to explore during the vacation and offer a memorable vacation. There are innumerable places that are suitable to the people of any taste and preferences as the region is known for greenery and warm wonders.

Venmanad Lake

Mostly known as the Vembanad Kol or the Vembanad Kayla’s perfect to explore and the peaceful ambience of the region mesmerizes every traveler. A ride in the boathouse supports in offering an amazing holiday experience and one can easily locate various species of flora and fauna in the locality.

The boathouses stand as especial attraction of the region and make sure that you even explore Vallarpadam and Willington and travelers can locate more than 100 species of fishes and the other aquatic animals.
The boat ride is one of the amazing experiences in the largest backwaters and tourist can easily spend an exciting holiday in Kerala.

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls

The region is nearby to Kumarakom which is a one must visit sport is the Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls. One can enjoy trekking, nature walk and even enjoy the charming grace of the nature. The region is surrounded by rubber plantations and this place is a feast to the nature photographers and the serene beauty grab the attention of the travelers.

Bird Sanctuary

The Kumarakom bird sanctuary is one amazing attraction to explore during the holiday as the ambience and the scenic view are worth of visiting. The Kumarakom bird sanctuary hosts various migratory birds and many other colorful birds in the lush green environment. Visiting the sanctuary in the correct season allows people to locate the birds in the natural habitats and the flora and fauna enchants every traveler. The serene beauty is worthy of exploring and the paradise of bird lovers welcomes people to capture wonderful moments.

Kumarakom Beach

The most fascinating beach in Kerala which offer a golden opportunity to take part in the adventure filled activities is the Kumarakom beach. Starting form surfing, boating, Para sailing and many more are to be enjoyed by people who ever visit the beach. Along with the enchanting nature attractions one can witness the mind-blowing collection in the museum.

The region is loaded with spectacular attractions and the nature rich sites turn the region to be the exotic destination that is nestled in the beautiful surroundings.

Starting from the lake, backwaters, islands, beach, bird sanctuary, hill stations there are several museums and pictures locations are perfect to explore during the holiday to the gorgeous destination Kumarakom.

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