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Hey Mr. Bloggers!!!

If you are good at writing and willing to share your excellent pieces of writings with Mr. Bloggers, then our platform welcomes you. No doubt, like the quality blogs, Mr. Bloggers loves the quality content, especially with valid information to enhance the experience of its readers.

You can share your articles, but they must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Your articles must be unique
  • The length of the content should be about 1000 words
  • You can also have a link of your website which would be Do-follow
  • Attach 2–3 images with your article

Article pitch should be about technology, smart home devices, web hosting, education, and entertainment

To submit your article, you need to send us through the contact form, and after checking your article thoroughly, the editorial team of Mr. Bloggers will make it live in 72 hours. As we only accommodate the highest quality articles, so it is clear that we will reject the articles with poor writing structure, grammar, and content with plagiarism. In the cases of disapproval, Mr. Bloggers doesn’t have any obligation to inform the author, but yes, our team will dismiss your author account instantly after rejection.

However, if you are looking to get do-follow backlinks in your article, then you would have to go with our sponsored offers, and you can contact us here in this regard.

Note: Mr. Bloggers don’t accept adult, gambling, and drug-related content and backlinks. Hopefully, you guys are also well aware of the policy of Google about such niches.

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