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Why You Need to Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development

flutter for mobile app development

Flutter is Launched by Google in 2017 is essentially an open-source mobile UI framework used to develop versatile and scalable mobile applications. This framework allows app developers to create mobile applications for Android, Linux, Windows, and iOS platforms utilizing only one codebase.

Google’s recent study has revealed the following about Flutter developers:

(Source: Venturebeat)
Flutter provides developers with simple and easy methods to start creating brilliant applications with a natural and intuitive design that will attract end-users furthermore. It has gained a better reputation than the other top app development frameworks such as Xamarin, AngularJS, and React Native.

Here are nine reasons why you need to choose Flutter for Mobile App Development:

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility: When it comes to quality and performance nothing can beat native applications. However, the only struggle with native app development is the amount of coding developers have to do. Writing two different sets of code from scratch to develop native applications for different platforms is tedious and expensive. Many businesses fear investing in cross-platform app development as these apps may not perform well. Developers can leverage Flutter to create high-quality cross-platform applications in no time. Flutter allows developers and coders to reuse the one set of code they have written for both Android and iOS platforms. It has been announced that soon Flutter will also support web development with a single codebase.
    The best feature of Flutter is that it also enables you to migrate your already existing native application into the Flutter Framework without any issues.
  2. Competitive Advantage: To get a competitive advantage in mobile app development, speed is very important. Developers require frameworks and tools which can allow them to deploy apps much faster. These apps also need to perform well and offer an optimal user experience. As mentioned in the above point, flutter helps developers create applications for multiple platforms with a single set of code. Developers can also take advantage of all the packages and plugins provided by Flutter.
  3. Customizable Widgets: Flutter is a really flexible and versatile platform. Various domains such as education. Commerce, social networking, utility, and so on utilize Flutter because it’s trusted for designing impressive UI. With Flutter’s customizable widgets developers can create beautiful applications with appealing visuals that enhance User Experience(UX) without additional workload. No matter how complex your UI design may be, Flutter allows you to play around with shapes/Colors/shadow manipulations. Shared element transitions and clipping.
  4. Fastens the Development Cycle: The Mobile App Development Life Cycle includes design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Normally, developing a mobile app development project lasts for 5-9 months depending on the complexity and structure. With a flutter, the project can be completed within 4 months, no matter how complex your project is. Flutter’s hot reload feature hastens the development cycle by enabling developers to fix bugs and review the modifications made to the code. This feature allows developers to see the changes made to the app immediately in real-time.

    Applications developed using this framework need less time for quality assurance. Because a code tested on one platform does not have to be evaluated for another, Flutter saves approximately 50 percent of the testing time and companies can market their apps faster in the market.
  5. Easy to Learn Development Language: App developed using Flutter make of the object-oriented programming language called dart. It’s unique features such as strong typing, garbage collection. Async awaits and so on are today’s needs. Since dart is similar to C, Java, and typescript. Both amateur and experienced developers found this programming language easy to learn. In fact, it can be learned within two weeks (or two days if you are really passionate about it!). Many developers prefer to use Dart to develop applications because it uses a reactive framework that allows it to handle both the front end and the back end without any trouble in one place.
  6. Highest Performing Framework: When compared to other cross-platform/native app development frameworks, This is one of the highest performing open-source frameworks. Flutter is one highest performing open-source framework. Flutter renders applications at the speed of 60 FPS and currently, the makers of the flutter are trying to aim for 120 FPS. This framework helps you create full-featured and efficient applications that load really fast so you can impress the end-users right from them when the app is launched.
  7. Effective Error Handling: No application can be absolutely error-free but developers need to be vigilant and handle them. The Flutter plugin Catcher, heavily inspired by ACRA, is known for automatically catching exceptions/errors and handling them. Error handlers are injected into the program by Catcher and once it captures all errors that are unresolved and sends it to the reporter. The Reporter then displays error information and waits for the user’s decision. Users can either accept or dismiss these error warnings. If the user acknowledges an error message, then the handlers will process it.
  8. Top-Notch Documentation: Flutter offers simple and clear documentation with a lot of top-quality reference examples about each and every feature and functionality. Developers who would like to try a new framework or toolkit should choose for Flutter because it is user friendly and simple to use language. The community support for Flutter is very strong, you can resolve your queries without any hassle while using this framework for app development.
  9. Lowers App Development Costs: This technology is an open-source framework that allows designers to explore several designing options while they are working on a project at no cost at all. Since it allows for cross-platform development with a single set of code and you do not have to invest in the native app development for each and every platform on which you wish to launch your application, Flutter mobile app development is quite cost-effective and great for startups.

Over the last few years, Flutter has been considered a game-changer in the cross-platform app development market. Top companies like Alibaba, Netguru, QSS Technosoft, and Hamilton Music have utilized Flutter to develop their applications and raved about how it has benefitted their business significantly. This technology can help you develop high-quality applications in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner. What more can you need? Start your next project with Flutter!

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