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What to Ask A Sydney Criminal Lawyer Before Hiring

Criminal Lawyer

Sydney Criminal Lawyer: Sydney is generally considered a safe place to live in, with the city ranking as the fifth safest city in the 2019 Safeties Index of The Economist Intelligence Unit. However, recent data and statistics from New South Wales show an increase in crimes like shoplifting and fraud within Sydney’s affluent suburbs, like The Hills and Waverley. Given the volatility of crime rates in the city, it is more important than ever to stay cautious. If you ever find yourself in a legal conflict due to a crime, you will need to hire a competent criminal lawyer to represent your case.

You will find many Sydney criminal lawyers and firms to help you if you ever need legal assistance. Time is essential in criminal cases, so you may not have the liberty of taking longer to choose who to hire. Even so, you must still be sure to get help from the right person, given the gravity of criminal law. To ensure you find the right attorney without taking up too much time, here are some questions that you can ask a criminal attorney before hiring him or her.

How long have you been in practice?

Knowing how long an attorney has been practicing criminal law can give you insights on their experiences. While it never hurts to hire an up-and-coming attorney, you tend to get more assurance from Sydney criminal lawyers who have been in practice for many years. An attorney who has been in practice for many years gives off a sense of credibility and signifies that he or she has gone through many cases.

How often will we be communicating?

Once you hire a criminal lawyer, you will need to be in close contact to ensure that you go through pertinent case details and facts. However, in reality, most clients do not hear from their attorneys regularly, so you want to ensure you find someone who is responsive. Think about your case and how often you may want to hear back from your attorney, then make sure to ask about this when you meet.

What will I have to do?

Though lawyers will help you go through the legal paperwork and steps, you may still need to contribute a few things. Clarifying this with an attorney can help you set expectations on your obligations, should you decide to hire him or her. In many situations, you may have to help in providing some documents or details regarding your case.

How often do you go to court?

Not all criminal cases will end up in court as lawyers will sometimes try to settle them through plea bargains. Thus, it helps to ask how often an attorney has made a court appearance to know whether he or she has experience going through a trial. If you feel that your case is complex, you want to make sure that you find an attorney who has been to court several times.

What specializations do you have?

Criminal lawyers usually have specializations, so make sure your case aligns with your lawyer’s specialization to be assured that he/she knows how to deal with your case. Notice that specific crimes tend to be common in certain Sydney areas, so there is a high chance that a lawyer working in that area will be accustomed to such cases. However, you cannot be sure about this, so it is best to ask your lawyer directly about whether they have handled similar cases in the past.

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