Top 10 Food Items to Try in Hyderabad

Top 10 Food Items to Try in Hyderabad
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India is one such country which has much to offer in terms of cuisine, culture, language. Yes, the cuisines of a particular place can mark its prominence and attracts scores of tourists. A place can attain the rank by presenting an array of variations and twists in cuisines.

The culinary styles and the multiple forms of dishes of Hyderabad allows one to taste and enjoy each lip-smacking item. The monotony of life can be cut with the effort to have plates full of scrumptious dishes. The tangy and the rich culinary styles will make one amaze. It will kick one the bad cravings and none can refuse to order more. It is the Hyderabadi food items which satisfy the soul of food lovers.

Everyone will rush to explore the variations in Royal Hyderabadi cuisine ranging from biriyanis, kebabs and sweet dishes. Be it a business trip or a vacation, one needs to spare some time to end the cravings and the Royal delicacies will disappoint one. The city of Nizams has much to offer in terms of food. The delectable food items will allow one to make a feast each time and will bring a sense of satisfaction. The top ten Hyderabadi foods need a special mention.

10. Irani Chai


Another notable dish of Hyderabad is to savour the exquisite taste of Irani Chai.

9. Double Ka Meetha


The enticing bread pudding will rich the lasting flavours and can enjoy it to the fullest.

8. Qubani Ka Meetha


The nutty flavours can be cherished with ice-cream or malai. The crunchy taste will make one happy.

7. Sheer Khurma


After indulging in plates full of kebabs, one need to end on sweet note. a It’s equally tastes good whether served hot or cold. One can get transported to the era of a Nawabs and can taste sweet, creamy taste of the said dish.

6. Kache Gosht Ki Biriyani

This is one of the popular servings and stand out the main course in Hyderabad. The succulent taste and the aroma of the spices will hook to try more of it with some spoonful of raita.

5. Hyderabadi Khichdi

Often, it bangs the head about what to serve as a nutritious and tasty breakfast item? One can add in the list the new item of Hyderabadi khichdi served with lots of desi ghee.

4. Murg Do Pyaza

chicken-do-pyaza-Murg Do Pyaza-top-10-delicious-food-in-hyderabad

Murg do pyaza will make one feel hungry. The tempting flavours of chicken dipped in gravy will ensure about the original Hyderabadi flavours.

3. Malai Korma


The traditional styles will never leave anyone unhappy. It is the serving of one bowl of rich creamy gravy of Malai korma which just melts in the mouth and the taste of malai just gets rightly balanced with some servings of freshly cooked steamed rice.

2. Lukhmis


The starters can be made much more enjoyable by trying out for Lukhmis- squares shaped maida balls with fillings of minced meat. The minced meat dipped in chutney will allow one to order for another plate.

1. Boti Kebabs


Thus, one can allow making gala time in treating oneself with royal and rich dishes. A platter of hot boti kebabs will surely set the mood on. The soft, juicy kebabs will give a twist to taste buds and the marinated mutton cubes with garden fresh herbs will definitely leave an impeccable taste.

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