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Top 5 Hollywood Celebrity Wore Stylish Leather Jackets 2022

Top 5 Hollywood Celebrity Wore Stylish Leather Jackets 2019

Hollywood Celebrity Wore Stylish Leather Jackets: If there’s one thing that will never go out of style is a leather jacket. Only a leather jacket has the potential to make a person look rugged, stylish, and bring out their inner personality. Another plus point of a leather jacket is that it can be worn anytime anywhere and can be paired up with anything and it will instantly make your whole outfit look better.

Here are the top 5 Hollywood Celebrities who wore stylish leather jackets and created a whole new fashion inspiration wave in 2022:

1.    Ryan Gosling

The Canadian actor, Ryan gosling who has won the heart of many people internationally has worn a leather jacket on numerous occasions. In his recent movie, the blade runner 2049 the Oscar-nominated actor was seen wearing a leather jacket that inspired the fashion runway.

In the whole movie, he’s seen wearing that jacket while killing and punching people to death and hangs out with another big personality of the Hollywood industry, Harrison Ford. With the right company and the perfect leather jacket, the actor managed to have it all.

Many people decided to buy the same leather jacket because of how stylish it was. The jacket is made up of pure and genuine leather which is one reason why it attracted so many people. It has been made from real buffalo skin with a belted closure and button closure.

Additionally, it also has a faux shearling in collar and front lapels inside till the waist that adds to its style. Ryan Gosling was seen wearing a black colored leather jacket with fur collars and open hem cuffs.

2.    Adriana Lima

The Brazilian model and actress have made her place with her stylish and exceptional outfit choices in the fashion world. She’s the spokesperson for Maybelline and a Victoria secret model. She has never failed to impress people with her fashion choices.

Recently, she was seen wearing a black leather jacket with black boots on the streets. She also added a glamorous leather bag to her look. The jacket that she was wearing is made up of genuine leather material which makes it all together different from other leather jackets.

The jacket comprised of a front zipper with fur covered all over the front. Since, leather always looks good when it’s black; her leather jacket was black in colour too with viscose lining to increase the slim fit quality of her jacket.

Adrianne Lima was seen carrying this stylish outfit completed with gloves over her hand because of the rib-knit cuffs. The front pockets and zippers included in the jacket make it more convenient.

3.    Adam Levine

The lead singer of Maroon 5 and the man with a wonderful voice, Adam Levine was wearing a black leather jacket. Not only is he a renowned musician and songwriter but he’s also extremely handsome.

He wore this black leather jacket in one of the occasions of the red carpet which struck as an inspiration for all. This elegant celebrity jacket is capable of transforming your whole personality and your look if worn once because of its colour and how it’s designed.

Wearing and stylish this jacket will be a very wise decision since it brings out the person in you that cannot be brought otherwise. Apart from its attractive jet black colour, this jacket also includes features like how it is made from pure leather and its stitching is one of the best qualities.

It has viscose lining with a snap button decoration and a lapel collar with zipper for closure. It includes one zipper pocket on chest and two zipper pockets on waist making it a lot convenient.

4.    Rihanna

The world-famous and highest-paid celebrity, Rihanna, has never failed to impress her fans with her amazing fashion sense. Apart from being an iconic pop, Rihanna is also an amazing businesswoman. The influential celebrity was seen wearing a green biker leather jacket as one of her street styles.

The reason why this style gained its popularity was because of its different colours. Not many celebrities are able to pull off the colour green but Rihanna did it perfectly. The jacket includes the following features: It has a lapel collar supported by a zipper closure and zipper cuffs and the leather is genuine leather.

5.    Kendall Jenner

The American model and the reality TV star, Kendal Jenner is adored by every other person across the globe. With her soft features and amazing personality, the young model has everything.

Kendall Jenner is known for her style. Her style is different and sets her apart from many celebrities. She has also been seen wearing a leather jacket at many occasions.

Recently, she was seen wearing a stylish biker jacket which she has worn a lot of time but always managed to slay it. The leather jacket is made up of pure leather and designed in the color black. The material used in the jacket is faux leather and has an enclosed zipper conclusion.


Leather jackets are always going to stay part of the fashion world and superhero cosplay leather jackets celebrities are never going to stop wearing it since it manages to pull off a look that adds to their charismatic personality.

Many celebrities like Adam Levine, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Ryan gosling and Adrianne Lima were seen pulling off a stylish leather jacket in the year 2022 once again reminding us that leather jackets holds a special place.

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