Top 10 Websites Visited on the World Wide Web

Top 10 Websites Visited on the World Wide Web
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The digital technology is paving the way for a brighter future and allowing to be enriched with a handful of knowledge. This is possible because of the advancement of the software industry and anyone can access information within the least possible time. In present times, the smarter and quick ways of doing work are preferred and thus the importance of websites is immense.

The perennial entries of the websites in 2018 list create spark among the web browsers. It’s the global list of websites which will allow making searching options. Most of the familiar websites names are made in the entries of top ten.

Let’s check out the best websites and better search options will be made possible.

10. Amazon.com


Amazon is regarded as the most customer-centric company. The commendable and timely services allow customers to purchase retail products, electronic items, books, household goods.

9. QQ.com


It is a newly introduced messaging site in China. People feel to socialise. Through this newly introduced service, people can share their blogs, watch videos, listen to music.

8. Google.co.in


It is known as the Indian version of the global search engine where people search web pages. The site offers services in multiple languages namely English, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi.

7. Yahoo.com


Another global website which can be referred to is yahoo.com. As one of the best web portal and search engine, it caters services in accessing emails, videos, maps, news.

6. Reddit.com


It is a social news site which connects several people. People share links about pop culture, thumbs up and thumbs down are given as ratings. Many comments are shared made by followers too.

5. Wikipedia.org


It is one of the most useful sites where any informative and precise information is found. In order to gather exact information and knowledge on the particular topic, the Wikipedia serves the best.

4. Baidu.com


Another notable search engine is the Baidu.com. millions of people access it every day and it’s the largest Chinese language search engine.

3. Facebook.com


It’s regarded as one of the most popular and extensive social networking sites where scores of people act as active users. It is the platform to get connected with friends, family and get in touch with the contacts of olden times. Facebook serves also like the powerful online tool to find people online.

2. Youtube.com


Yes, the name brings smiles on faces of many web users. Youtube.com serves as the most popular source of video website. In terms of entertainment, it’s none who hesitates to keep the search ready on YouTube. It’s almost featuring an online television. Commercial and personal videos are uploaded every day.

1. Google


Google is considered one of the most trusted sites and since a couple of years, it has been delivering outstanding services. It is considered to be as one of the most popular sites globally as well as in the US. 3.5 billion searches are made every day. Any information can be accessed and the best results are possible to be achieved from Google.

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