Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols
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Today, through this article we are going to tell you about Unknown Facts about Alcohols. Alcohol has been using for thousands of years, and widely used in everywhere. Aside from used, there are many unknown facts about the alcohol.

Let’s check out the 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols:

1. All fruits and some vegetables contain little amount of Alcohol

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols, Alcohol contains foods and vegetables
Yes, you heard it right. All the fruits and vegetables somehow contain alcohol in a very low level. But this is not a big issue. However, some people are there who have the health reason for being an alcoholic diet. All the medicine has also contained alcohol. Alcohol does not evaporate on the heating.

2. Minimum legal drinker ages around the world

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols
It is very shocking to have minimum legal drinking ages around the world. The UK is the only country with minimum legal age for consumption of Alcohol. The average age of the person in many countries for drinking alcohol is 18. Around 50 countries the minimum age is lower than 18.

3. Alcohol also found in space by astronaut

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols, Alcohol in Space
Astronaut found that there is a massive cloud of alcohol in space. Ever wonder how space is smell like? The answer could be rum which is an alcohol. This is a simple hint that there is an alcohol floating in the space. The space cloud contains ‘ethyl formate’ which is an ester that helps to give a raspberries taste and smells like rum.

4. The ‘brandy’ word derived from the Dutch word

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols, Brandy Word from dutch
The Brandi word was derived from brandywijn, a Dutch word which has to mean “burnt wine”. In the 17th century, brandy was called as brandwine. Burnt wine means distilled over the fire.

5. Muscular person has higher tolerance for alcohol

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols
The less weight the more you will be affected by alcohol, but the muscular and heavy person will less affect by the same amount of alcohol. This is because fat tissue doesn’t have much water that’s why it absorbs more alcohol. This is also a reason for male have the higher tolerance of alcohol than women.

6. Spirytus is the strongest alcohol in the world

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols, Strongest alcohol
The purity of alcohol in the Spirytus is the 95.6% ABV; this difficult to pronounce Polish Vodka which is a deadliest 96% ABV. In short, we can say that after the drink of this alcohol vodka you can meet God! Spirytus is actually more potent than the widely-referred to ever clear and sits on as the world’s strongest alcohol beverage.

7. Beer is the oldest recipe of the planet

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols, beer the oldest
Yes, you heard it right. A 5000 years old beer recipe has been dug up in China. Result says that China established beer so many years back.

8. Abraham Lincoln held a liquor license

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols, Abraham liquor license
Before he was president, Abraham Lincoln was a licensed bartender. During his time Lincoln was co-owner of the Berry-Lincoln Store, a general store/drinking store, with William Berry. Berry issued a license to Lincoln and himself in 1833. Lincoln denied that he at any point kept a basic grocery, and said that he never liked liquor or its effects.

9. The world’s heaviest drinker was Winston Churchill’s

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols, Winston Churchil
Winston Churchill’s was a heavy drinker of Adolf Hitler’s time. He was one of the best drinkers of the world. He brought with him 36 bottles of wine, 18 bottles of ten-year old scotch, and 6 bottles of vintage liquor. Churchill had better access to alcohol than the vast majority on the South African. Churchill’s name came to be connected with two things: drink and war.

10. Alcohol lowers the body temperature

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Alcohols
Almost people think that drinking alcohol can increase the temperature of the body but actually it lowers the temperature of the drinker. Alcohol may make your skin feel warm but actually not. Only brandy and whiskey will warm up the body.

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