top 10 richest ceo of the world of 2019

The salary of every professional does not only depend upon its qualification, but various factors are also deciding. Hence the position of CEOs in the company is the highest and reputed one. They are the topmost seniors of the company. Thus the salary structure is also high. The MNCs have different criteria for salaries that are quite high.

They can earn a large scale of income which is highly beneficial for their future use. The list of top 10 richest CEOs lists changes every year. The annual income of CEOs depends upon company market and financial scale. There is a huge competition among this list all over the world.

Here is the list of Top 10 Richest CEOs In the World of 2022

10. David Hamamoto

top 10 richest ceo in the world
Company: Northstar Realty Finance
Salary: $60.3m

09. Mark McLaughlin

top 10 richest ceo
Company: Palo Alto Networks
Salary: $66.6m

08. Gregory Maffei

Richest CEOs In the World
Company: Liberty Media and Liberty Interactive
Salary: $73.8m

07. Mario J. Gabelli

10 Richest CEOs
Company: GAMCO Investors
Salary: $75m

06. Paul Taubman

Best CEO In the World
Company: PJT Partners
Salary: $75.4m

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05. Sundar Pichai

top 10 richest ceo in world

Company: Google
Salary: $100.5m

04. Sir Martin Sorrell

richest ceo in the world
Company: WPP
Salary: $103m

03. Michael fries

richest ceos
Company: Liberty Global
Salary: $111.9m

02. Joe Kiani

joe kiani
Company: Masimo Corporation
Salary: $119m

01. Patric soon

Patric soon
Company: Shiong, NantKwest
Salary: $147.6m

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