Top 10 Dinner in Indian Recipes, 10 Best Indian Dinner Dishes

Hello, guys welcome to this article in which we are going to present the top 10 dinner recipe in India. These dinner recipes are the most famous recipes and loved by all Indians families and friends.

Here are the Top 10 best Dinner in India Recipes below:

10. Dal Chawal

Top 10 Dinner in Indian Recipes, Dal chawal
Last but not least Daal Chawal Recipe is very simple to make at home for your family and friends gathering. Custom made flavorful dal channel dish is made by utilizing numerous sound fixings and its strategy is likewise exceptionally simple. It is cooked with basmati rice; however, you can likewise use a large portion of other lentil variations to make it a different recipe.

9. Chicken Biryani

indian recipes for dinner
Biryani is gone back to the Mughal rule during which Begum Mumtaz Mahal had requested her chefs to make something extraordinary for the undernourished soldiers. The chefs presented with a rice dish which was ingredients such as rice, chicken, spices and that was highly nutritious and tasty. Today chicken Briyani is quite popular among Non-vegetarians.

8. Kadai mushroom

indian dinner recipes
Kadai mushroom is prepared in the very same way as famous curry and Kadai paneer. The recipe is cooked in the Kadai whole the process, that’s why this dish named as Kadai Mushroom. The taste of Kadai Mushroom much pretty gives the competition to the meat. The tremendous taste of this dish has been adapted from a popular restaurant.

7. Fried Rice

best indian recipes for dinner
Fried Rice is a quite popular indo-china recipe that is famous in most of the areas and Chinese special restaurant. Alongside fried rice, we also like other snacks such as veg spring roll’, Veg Manchurian, Gobi Manchurian. However, vegetable fried rice has dependably remained perpetual in our decision of menu for Indo Chinese takeaways or in restaurants.

6. Butter Chicken

dinner ideas indian
Roast the chicken in a tandoor or a broiler for around 10 minutes. Warmth a large portion of the amount of white margarine in the dish. Pour in the tomato puree, and fry up for 2-3 minutes. Include cumin seeds, sugar, red bean stew powder, and salt.

5. Masala Bhindi

indian recipes for dinner
A flavor pressed okra dish, this formula takes away the sliminess of the vegetable and can be easily made at home. Cooked in flavors, only the fragrance of this dish will make you excited to enjoy this popular north Indian dish.

4. Aloo Matar

Top 10 Dinner in Indian Recipes, Aloo Matar
Aloo Matar can be made both dry or in a gravy forms. This can be best served with both rice and Rotis. This is an ideal fusion of aloo and Matar. This is a classic recipe that you should ace. This spicy North Indian dish is anything but difficult to make and tastes best with parathas and rotis.

3. Aloo Patta gobi

best indian dinner recipes
This is a work of art and traditional North Indian delicious dinner, which is presently enjoyed by Indians everywhere throughout the nation. A gem among the Indian formulas, this dish with a striking fragrance can satisfy your taste.

2. Matar paneer

best recipes for dinner indian
The most famous and always trending dinner recipe is the matar paneer. I love the way our mom feed matar paneer. Heat oil in a Kadai and add the ginger, green chili paste, and spice powders to it. Add the green peas and cook for a few minutes. Pour malai, and paneer with water.

1. Malai kofta

best indian recipes for dinner
Kofta is most loved with Punjabis and kofta are made with about any vegetable. Potatoes are generally utilized for restricting the kofta, which might be seasoned with an assortment of Punjabi flavors. The gravy in which the kofta are drenched additionally changes. The Punjabi Malai Kofta is a specialty and savored by all experts of Punjabi food. Spicy and soft vegetable dumplings are put into rich tomato gravy cooked in butter and finished with cream.

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