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Top 10 Advantages of Doing Love Marriage

Top 10 Advantages Of Love Marriage

For ages, there has been a conflict between people regarding which is best among love marriage and arranged marriage. This has been one of the most arguable topics in society for a very long time. Some are in favor of love marriage while others are against it because of some disadvantages.

People have considered love marriage as a taboo in society, but now the time has changed. Today, youngsters broke the ritual of arranged marriage, which has led to a significant increase in the no. of love marriages in India. And why not, considering the multiple advantages it has over arranged marriage.

Top 10 Benefits of Doing Love Marriage

1. Freedom

One of the most significant advantages of love marriage is the freedom it gives a girl or a boy to choose his/her life partner. Unlike arrange marriage you are not forced to spend your entire life with someone who is a stranger to you.

2. Better Understanding

One of the Love marriage advantages is it offers a better understanding between the couples. Because they have spent years together, the couples are aware of the interests and the disinterest of their partners which is a must in a relationship.

3. Trust

Couples have trust in each other because they are known to each other, and thus they are aware of the positive and negative points of their partner. This helps in maintaining compatibility in the relationship and build trust over their spouse.

4. Love

The most important thing in a relationship is love towards each other, and the love marriage entirely satisfies this fact. A love marriage itself starts with the affection and mutual love between two people.

5. Free From Social Customs

Like arrange marriage, love marriage isn’t a social ritual at all. The bonding starts with a simple gesture of love towards each other and thus it is free from the evil customs of society such as dowry.

6. A Sense of Maturity

Love marriage gives a feeling of maturity to the couple since they on their own get to choose their life partners who show they are old enough to take their own life decisions.

7. Self Satisfaction

It gives satisfaction to the couples as in the end they are married to someone whom they love and have own for a very long time. It also pretty much gives a sense of self-achievement that they are with someone whom they have wanted to be with.

8. Parents’ Satisfaction

Love marriage not only ensures satisfaction among the couples, but it also gives a feeling of satisfaction to their parents. Their parents know that their child has married someone who loves him/her as much as they do.

9. Better Chances of Being Successful

Love marriages have greater chances of being successful compared to the arranged marriages as it begins with a mutual feeling of love and attraction between the couples. The couples know their partner well, and thus they can understand their feelings like no other.

10. No Shame

In a love marriage, there is no shame between the couples as they have known each other for a very long time. They enjoy their marriage to the fullest without any hesitation.

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