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Tips and Tricks to Become a WordPress Developer

Tips and Tricks to Become a WordPress Developer

WordPress has its benefits for website designers. It has become one of the best platforms to create websites without prior technical knowledge. However, as you start to become familiar with WordPress, you may want to learn some of its more complex offerings. From customizing your site and creating new plugins and themes to earning money via WordPress development and contributing to the core platform. There are many reasons for you to become an experienced WordPress developer in India.

If you think the time has come for you to enhance your WordPress development skills, here are some tips and tricks that will help you:

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Basic Languages

WordPress is built on various basic languages that you must learn to enhance your WordPress development skills. Some of the more important languages you will need to be aware of include HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, etc. While JavaScript and PHP will take some time to master. You can start with basic HTML and CSS to create test websites and make changes to existing websites (make sure to back up the existing site first).

2. Build your list of Dependable Resources

As an emerging WordPress developer in India, you may want to have a list of resources to rely on in case you encounter some issues while developing your skills. Some of the best-known resources for WordPress developers include:

WordPress Codex: A site focused on providing help for different WordPress services, including developer-focused automation. A site that provides useful guides for developing WordPress plugins, themes and complex topics, such as REST API.

Make WordPress website: A site, which serves the purpose of a central hub for WordPress designers, developers, testers, translators, etc. to share their codes and feedback.

3. Find out where to start

WordPress is a broad field, so you may want to know where and how to start developing. Some of the common arenas for beginners in this case include:

Make changes to existing themes and plugins: This would be a great start if you don’t prefer developing WordPress themes and plugins from scratch. Two ways you can achieve this is via ‘Fork’ wherein you create a private version of an existing plugin or theme or via ‘Adopt’ where you take over an existing plugin or theme that has abandoned by its original developer. The second option is ideal, it allows you to tinker the existing plugins and themes and submit them for approval as well.

Create new plugins and themes: If you know a bit about WordPress, you may want to start by creating new plugins and themes instead of altering existing ones. You can set off by choosing a specific feature or service you want to add to your WordPress website and then design around this idea. You can also submit developed themes and plugins to the WordPress directory.

The WordPress Codex website is your best resource in this case. For, it has tons of existing code for themes and plugins you can rely on while developing your own WordPress themes and plugins.

A lot of developers are learning Elementor, an advanced, free WordPress Page Builder. The reason being, the page builder can help create a professional-grade website minus much time and effort.


Learning to become a WordPress developer in India may sound like a daunting process. However, WordPress is one of the best platforms to improve your web development skills, thanks to its user-friendly nature and supportive community of WordPress developers.

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