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Wearing safety Glasses eyewear is important. It serves as the best shield against accidents that causes eye injuries and protects the eyes from any potential hazards at work, home, and outdoors. For businesses, wearing recommended safety glasses by optical experts is part of the labor protocol. Thus, companies invest in safety eyewear to be included as part of the workers’ personal protection equipment.

What are Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses are a type of safety eyewear known for its high-quality protection from hazards exposure, especially in the workplace. Most eye injuries happen at jobs in construction, health services (laboratories), and manufacturing industries. Therefore, knowing the main benefits of protective eyewear is important.

Benefits of Wearing Safety Glasses

  • Keeps away the small particles from the eyes
    In the manufacturing industry, eye injuries often happen with industrial equipment such as grinders and sanders. Without proper wearing of safety glasses, dusty particles will harm the eyes of the workers directly.
  • Shield eyes from sparks and flames
    It must be a requirement for workers in the field of construction of physical infrastructures. Using tools in the construction site is risky and dangerous if not used with caution and knowledge. Welders, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians are the highly exposed workers that are prone to eye injury because of sparks and flames.
  • Protection from hazardous chemical splashes
    Investing in dependable safety glasses in the healthcare and medicine industry is a must for this matter. In measuring particular chemicals, experts need protection to avoid the risk of eye injury because of chemical hazards. The laboratory workers’ protection gear must be complete at all times.

Unlike regular eyeglasses, the safety glasses are made and designed to a higher standard of impact resistance. The safety glasses can have prescription lenses or non-prescription lenses. For industry choice, the materials used in making the safety glasses depend on the specific protection it will do.

Style Variation in Buying Safety Glasses

  • Lens Materials
    Polycarbonate is the best material used for safety glasses lenses. It is light-weight, impact-resistant, and has good fog resistance than other choices of materials. Glass and plastic are not recommended because they break easily under an impact, high-temperature, or chemical hazards.
  • Lens Coating
    The choice for lens coating is essential because it determines the right protection placed for the eyes. An effective coating offers resistance to fog and scratches. Since it will be used for work, the lens must have the highest level of optical clarity. The lens coatings can be either: hydrophobic (repels moisture from perspiration) and hydrophilic (has the sponge-like quality for moisture).
  • Lens Size
    The size depends on the facial measure of the wearer. It is important to cover the area around the eyes properly when worn by the person for effective use.
  • Lens Shape
    An appropriate fitting will protect the eyes accordingly to its purpose to shield unwanted hazards that might irritate the eyes. Most shapes of safety glasses are concave, so it fits the wearer’s face well.


Safety glasses are ultimately made to be effective and significant eye protection equipment. They are designed and measured depending on the user and its purpose of protection. Investing in protective equipment is a requirement for most industries now. Doing so brings safety to the workers, avoids injury costs for the company, and elevates its standard.

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