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Orange & Whisky Marmalade – One Of The Best Marmalade From Masala Monk

Orange & Whisky Marmalade

If you have a knack for trying new combinations which might sound quirky, then this product by masala monk is made just for you! Orange & whiskey marmalade is the perfect blend of sweet and bitter. It’s a quirky fusion of premium Jack Daniels Bourbon and Jameson’s Irish Whiskey with the finest Seville oranges. This is what you need to make a happy start for your day! You can try this product by buying it from Masala Monk

Health benefits of Orange Marmalade:

Orange marmalade is a healthy spread you can use on a daily basis. It is made up of fresh oranges and other citrus fruit peels like lemon. The following health benefits are usually associated with the consumption of orange marmalade:
1. It’s low on calories
2. The sodium contents are low
3. Rich source of vitamin C
4. It is fat-free

Usual Marmalade Just Got Classier:

Usually, when we buy marmalades, we have a certain limited expectation. We never think that anything crazy can be blended in this usual fusion. So, when I received this cute little package from Masala monk containing this orange and whiskey marmalade made by Vikas Aggarwal, I was so excited to try it! The first bite gave me the thought- like yes! The usual marmalade just got classier. The taste was perfect! No excess bitterness from the whiskey and no extra sourness from the oranges. The fusion was well balanced and tasted excellent! This is undoubtedly a must try the product for all those who appreciate a little touch of bitterness in their life.

The Story Behind This Quirky Infusion:

The package came with the story about how this weird combination was thought of to answer all the inquisitive users. Vikas Aggarwal shares his experience of how he wanted to experiment with the usual marmalade with which he used to start his day. The addition of whiskey to this recipe makes it quirkier yet tastier. Its what you need to bring a smile on your face. The best part is that you can preserve it for a long time. All you need to do is refrigerate it after opening.

Ingredients Used:

The following elements have been used to make this finely blended product:
a. Seville oranges
b. Whiskey
c. Orange juice
d. Lemon juice
e. Sugar
f. Fruit Pectin

It’s a home-made product, so you don’t have to worry about any extra added preservatives. You need to try this out at least once!

My Review Of The Orange & Whiskey Marmalade By Masala Monk:

Right from the name of the product to the packaging, everything is interesting! The name made me think twice before trying, but then being a food lover, I had to try this unique combination. Trust me; I was stunned by the perfection. The maker had done an excellent job in balancing the flavors. The marmalade tasted so different from the usual ones just because of the addition of a simple twist ingredient. The whiskey surely makes it a bit bitter, but I liked it! It’s suitable for those who like experimenting.

I like the cute packaging of the product. The use of glass bottles over plastic makes it better. The use of colorful wrappings makes you fall in love with the product even before you open it! Vikas Aggarwal is the brain behind this product, and the passion with which the product is prepared is evident in the efforts done to get the perfect packaging!

The taste is quite good. Marmalades made with orange fruit are very common, but this one has set itself apart. The use of premium whiskey brands and high-quality Seville oranges makes the consumer trust the product more. It’s the perfect boozy spread you need to start your day right!
I would recommend you to try out this peculiar home-made marmalade to take your taste buds to a new adventurous ride. It would be different for sure, but tasty! Just like me, you would also get used to giving your day a boozy start with this orange & whiskey marmalade delivered to your home by Masala Monk.

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