How to Make money from your Blog?

How to Make money from your Blog?
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Blog is considered as an informational website which contains text, pictures and link addresses related to a specific topic. You can illustrate about various stuff such as politics, fashion, entertainment or sports etc through your blog. Blogging become popular by politicians who made it a platform to express their opinion virtually. Later, it gained popularity in the market place of online businesses. Currently thousands of business firms are running their blogs . This is a profitable online profession to make money. Are you blogger or looking for methods to make money from your blog? Following summary is an answer for your most risen question such as:

How to start blog and maintain it? How Do I start a blog to make more money?

Before starting blogging, remember some important blogging tips. First of all you have to decide the main focus of your site. All the contents which you will add to your blog must belong to specific criteria. It is suggested to start the blog with something you are passionate about. It will make your work interesting and gain your knowledge too. Also choose the Best Hosting for your blog to make your blog performance as good. Some popular blogging platforms are listed here which may be helpful for you:

1) WordPress
2) Joomla
3) Drupal
4) Blogger

Most important thing in blogging is to know how to make money from blog. Scroll down and check which will works efficiently for you.

Ways to make money from your blog:

1. Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money from your blog. If are going to start your blog then search the list of SEO affiliates and web hosting affiliates. Link the selling products to ebay or more popular commercial sites. Through Affiliate marketing you can earn approx 50 Lakh per annum.

2. Referral income:
Search pay per referral program to get quick dollars into your account. Use referral programs instead of advertising programs. Make sure to choose proper working referral program. The hufffington post, Gothamist, Dooce are some popular sites of referral income.

3. Direct Advertising:
No doubt, there are a lot of advertising program for bloggers. So choose the direct ads program instead of AdSense ads. These kind of ads are more stable and highest paying ads. This is great way to boost your monthly income through your own blog.

4. Create ebook:
If you are already blogger then assemble the ebook topics from your existing blogs and put on the sale. Own selling products is the best way to make more money from own blog.

5. Set of services:
Start to offer your own services. Here is list of some services that you can offer.
Theme customization
Blog consultancy
Word-press SEO and many more

People across the whole world share their knowledge through blogging. It is a great platform to enhance your knowledge along with earning money. If writing is your interest, then you can make it a profession which suits your lifestyle also.

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