Transferring your office or finding your first office can be a challenge as there are many different things to consider. Finding office space isn’t like purchasing a new laptop for you, as you can easily return it for a better one or one that suits your needs.

In big cities, finding the ideal office space can be more difficult than you can imagine. Finding office space for rent in Atlanta is definitely up there with one of the more challenging places.

Today, we’re going to review a few different things that you need to be considering before ultimately deciding on office space for you and your employees.

Consider the Future

Every business has the same set of goals: make money and acquire customers. Those are a bit basic, but you get the idea.

Look at any successful business and you might hear the founder says “we only started out with three employees, and a printer that barely worked, and now we have over 150 and our services reach 20 states, etc. etc.”

As it is difficult to predict exactly where your business will be going, it’s smart to have an idea. Where do you see the company in the next few years? How many more people are you going to hire? What is the projected growth rate in your sector?

That’s directly going to influence the type of office space you rent. That means you might need to be moving from an office from Roswell or Alpharetta to downtown Atlanta.

Location, Location, Location

Everyone knows the above mantra to be the most important in real estate, and it tops the chart when it comes to finding your office space for rent in Atlanta.

Are you going to set up the office in Buckhead or Midtown? Do either provide you with more advantages? What about setting up a little away from downtown, would that work for you?

You’re not someone that needs to be told how bad Atlanta traffic is, and ongoing road construction can be. Think about the commute for you and your employees but also think about any advantages you may have by being in a certain place.


No one looks forward to parking, especially when it’s in the morning before work. Sometimes, finding a parking spot near the office can be the most difficult part of the day.

When hunting for office space, you want to make sure you and your employees have an easy opportunity to park. You might not have the ideal parking space with custom names on each spot, but making sure there is a garage close by or at least someplace where you do not have to pay every time you park would be a great idea.

It might be helpful to look where there are public garages, depending on where your office is. Having a garage on Ted Turner Dr., for example, puts you right in the heart of downtown while avoiding any traffic from Georgia State.


Of course, it would be nice to be in the most beautiful building in town, but that’s not what we’re referring to. You want the office interior to be able to accommodate you and your business as well as what type of atmosphere you want.

If you’re going to for an open office plan, it’s best to have plenty of space and lighting to bring in a more communal feel. For those looking for cubicles or desks, make sure there is enough room for everyone to have their own little personal space. It may look diminutive, but it makes a huge difference.

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