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Common Cancer Symptoms and Signs Everybody Should Know

Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is considered to be a group of diseases which could cause any sign or symptoms. The signs and symptoms of cancer usually depend upon cancer that a person is suffering from. Other factors include the size of cancer, the location of cancer as well as the gravity of cancer. If cancer has metastasized, all its signs and symptoms could appear in different parts of the body.

According to a famous cancer hospital, as cancer grows, it begins to push itself on the nearby organs, nerves as well as blood vessels. The pressure contributes to the signs and symptoms of the disease. If cancer is located in a critical area, the presence of even the smallest tumor could cause a number of symptoms.

Following are considered to be the common signs and symptoms of cancer that you must not ignore:


Fever is usually very common with cancer, however, it happens to a person more frequently once it has started spreading from its location. If cancer has started to affect the immune system, the chances of fever keep on recurring. Fever is one of the acute signs of blood cancer. Blood cancer treatment is only possible after knowing all its signs and symptoms.


Fatigue involves a situation of extreme tiredness which doesn’t even get better with rest. According to a famous cancer hospital, it is considered to be an important symptom as cancer begins to grow. However, it could also happen early in some of the cancers like stomach or colon cancer, leukemia, etc.


 Pain is considered to be an early symptom of some cancer such as testicular cancer and bone cancer. A headache which doesn’t go away or doesn’t get better even after treatment is considered to be a sign of a brain tumor. Constant aches in the back could be a symptom of cancer of the ovary, colon or rectum. The reason behind such an increase in the pain is that cancer has already spread from where it started.

Changes in the skin: 

A number of changes in the skin could signal towards the fact that a person is suffering from skin cancer. Such changes in the skin include reddened skin, itching, excessive hair growth, yellowish skin and eyes, darker looking skin, etc

Change in bowel habits: According to a cancer hospital, problems such as the change in the size of the stool, long-term constipation, etc. are the signs of colon cancer. Blood in the urine, pain while passing the urine or change in the function of the bladder is considered to be a sign of bladder or prostate cancer.

Sores which do not heal: 

A long-lasting sore that doesn’t heal even after due care and medication could be a sign of oral cancer. This factor is very common in people who chew tobacco, smoke or consume a lot of alcohol. Sores present on the penis or vagina or a person could be the signs of an infection of an early stage.

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